Show-Me Unemployment Payback Crisis

This move will break Missouri po'folk who, obviously, aren't having a very good time of it. On the bright side, politicos from both sides seem be be furious about the EPIC FAIL and this might (or might not) bring about change.

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KCTV5: 'How am I supposed to survive?' | Missourians at a loss as state demands repayment of unemployment money

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Missouri Democrats File Legislation To Block Collection Of Unemployment Overpayments

Missouri lawmakers filed several bills Tuesday to keep the state from collecting unemployment money from 46,000 Missourians it accidentally overpaid. The move comes after two days of intense questioning of Department of Labor Director Anna Hui.


  1. That's ok. Prosecute the recipients. I'm sure that they will be happy to have a felony or a new felony on their record.

  2. So stupid. If anyone believes those people who were receiving unemployment income that was 300-400% of their monthly employed income didn't know the payments were being made to them in error I've got some Game Stop stock to sell you.

  3. Way back when I had to pay back an overpayment of $37 or face jail time, these asshats probably got thousands of dollars they weren’t supposed to get. Lock’em up if they don’t pay it back.


  4. Just sit back and watch the democrats take the country into despair. This is their objective anyway so they can come in and dictate who you work for, how much you make and how you live. It's called totalitarianism aka NWO and they have been working on this for years together with the RINO'S They are just moving faster since Trump tried to put a stop to it. They are running scared. You democrats are so stupid you can't see that can you?

  5. disgusting, lock em up in california!

  6. Kansas is doing the same thing I warned a lot of people about this and they all laughed at me saying it's no big deal. Well they are crying now after getting their 1099's.


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