Kansas City Star Demands Black History Month Answers From White Christians

There are plenty of way to celebrate this month . . . Stories that need to be told, interviews and fun or important facts about Kansas City's history that people throughout the metro would enjoy reading.

Instead, the newspaper offers an exploitative and divisive editorial screed to prove their allegiance to a political movement.

Right now we'll share the link quote with the content safely hidden behind the paywall because I'm not sure who would subscribe to this kind of garbage that's obviously written by a white person with some "issues" which might prevent them for being a helpful ally or a responsible journalist . . .

Will white, moderate KC Christians settle for status quo during Black History Month?

In his "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote that white moderates, after constantly disappointing the movement for racial equality, had become an even greater obstacle to Black liberation than the Ku Klux Klan. He was right then, and he is - to the shame of the church - still right today.


  1. More lib whining. They're pretty good at it.

  2. It will be a happy day when this rag finally bites the dust. The staff is now nothing but a few extremists who think they should work for the NY Times, but don't even have the talent to write ad copy for The Pitch

  3. Hey KC star:


    das vadanya





    bon voyage

    au revoir

    FUCK OFF!!!

  4. Generally speaking, white people don't really care about God. They want to be God.

  5. Fuck Black History Month and fuck the Star.

    If the Star would actually list the lion's share of accomplishments from the black/culture population and tell the truth about the violence, stupidity, economic disasters, lost cause taxpayer cash down the "Racist" rabbit hole, the Racist Affirmative Action initiatives, the anti white Racist legislation, the anti white set asides, the anti white quotas, then maybe, Black people would start to improve their situation, their economies and their lives.

    The Star and the Progressive 4th Estate makes bank on division, hatred and the bogus bifurcation that engenders same in order to continue the epic tragedy that is the pernicious and counterproductive Black sub culture.

    The Kansas City Star lies, obfuscates and emphasizes ANY incident that shines a negative light on White People, while excusing. encouraging and apologizing for the tsunami of violence and ignorance that defines Black Culture.

    Black culture, when taken in it's entirety, has had a terrible and devastating effect on this country and it's people, including blacks.

    The truth is the truth and THIS is what made this country and many parts of the world a better place.


    Black Culture has been a plague of violence, ignorance and hopelessness. The Star is a hack/shill publication full of liars.


  6. How the Kansas City Star is causing division they accuse others of doing! The so called white congregation in the Christian church is due to black people who chose not to go there. They are welcome in the Christian church. If they don't go there it's by their choice. To make the Christian church out to be radical racist and in the same boat with the Klan is ignorance. Most black people in our area are racist and chose to have their own congregation. My neighbor in Central Hyde Park "who is black" told me himself that the black church his girlfriend goes to is racist. Why doesn't the KC Star take a look at Rev. Wright's church the Obama's went to, or Raphael Warnock in Atlanta???? Lets stop blaming white people and lets stop causing division that's not true,KC Star.

  7. Kansas City Star is racist as they forever conduct the tired old race-baiting cliches.

    You have to be racist to think like the editors of the Star who see race in everything and anything instead of just Americans trying to live together in a tough world.

  8. Talk about black privilege!!!!!!!?

  9. The Karen City Star is not worth reading or attempting to reason with.

  10. I’m grateful that I have the financial well being to maintain a considerable distance from black culture and black people.

  11. Great! The KC Star just arrived today. Now I have something to wipe my ass with in a few minutes.
    The truth is that the black people choose to be racist. it is like my wife...she complains all day long about things that really don't matter. How she is so put upon. She has the credit card, the check book, the car, what is holding her down or back? Herself wanting self pity. Same with the blacks. Open your hearts and go to places you will be welcomed. GET A LIFE! Let me get on with life.

  12. White Guilt Daily desperately trying to virtue signal itself into an audience.

  13. "White moderates" want racial equality, they certainly do not want cops to kill black men. They want a better society for all but may disagree on how to get there.

    Dr King wanted a color blind society, but today's grifters want a society where we are constantly reminded of white privilege. I try to show everyone I come into contact with respect regardless of race. But for me to treat a black person differently because of hardships they have endured is condescending.

    The flip side of white privilege is black pity. I do not think the black people I know want pity from me.

  14. black history is American history, no need to separate the two unless you're a stinking worketard.

  15. When is White Month ? Without whites history would be the same long mud hut dust eating groundhog day.

  16. Every fucking month is White Month.

    1. You say that like it's a bad thing.

  17. Everyone is "black" when you turn the lights out in a room. Color is just light waves bouncing off and being absorbed by the material it hits. White is the result of a material absorbing all colors BUT white (white is relfected to your eyes). So white people are black. Thats why they show up as black on phot negatives (remember them).

    Black people show up as white on photo negatives.

    Your eyes actually see the colors incorrectly. White is black

  18. Whites mistakenly took the words of MLK to heart and judged people by the content of the their character and not the color of their skin only to be told the last few years that that is ALL wrong. We should be judging by different standards based upon skin color and that is the only way to atone for the sins of our ancestors in the distant past. The woke left today would cancel MLK. So would the Des Moines Red Star.


  19. They should rename it to the kc "rag", a bunch of race baiters and racists themselves!!

  20. I have an anser for the Kansas City Star: Go screw yourself!

  21. Black History Moment: 95% are criminals.

  22. every month is white history month? Oh yeah that is why they are renaming schools named after Lincoln, Washington, even Feinstein for god's sake. And tearing down statues of white men. Soon every month will be black history month and we will have to designate a month strictly for white history.

  23. Why are negros so racist.

    1. ^^^^^ It is a result of their collectively lower IQ.

  24. I am confused:
    There is a Black History Month
    There is BET
    They are never labeled as racists but can scream it everyday
    Call each other the N word but that's okay
    Affirmative Action
    Let's don't even talk about sports, but let us bitch about not enough black coaches
    Obama was elected (that would not have happened in such a racist USA if us crackers were so racist)
    Highest percentage of single families and everyone gets to raise your child
    Only gives a shit about their kid when they get in trouble and then its everyone else's fault

  25. Well Red Star, we learned Non segragated true blue AMERICAN HISTORY. At least mlk had a dream. You don't even have a clue.


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