Kansas City Politicos Flex On Desperate Developers During COVID Depression

A power move when money is scarce isn't exactly courageous but signals that city council has found their spine now that real estate speculators are short on cash.

Accordingly, today's public radio write-up touts tough talk from 12th & Oak but neglects much mention of the fundamentally damaged economy which forestalls a COVID comeback building boom.

Kansas City Schools Have Missed Out On Millions Of Dollars For The Sake Of Development. Will The City Finally Pull Back?

The Kansas City Council is once again tackling economic incentive reform, but balancing demands from schools and developers is proving a heavy lift. The issue has been debated at City Hall for years - advocates for schools and libraries argue that the arrival of luxury high-rises and office towers downtown has come on the backs of Kansas City's students, who miss out on millions of dollars when the city gives tax breaks to real estate developers.


Anonymous said…

NO Kansas City gets more money per student than anyone else in the state. It's just that they don't know how to spend the money and the kids definitely aren't learning anything they are ignorant as hell. It's the tax payers that are getting the shaft.
Anonymous said…
Easier to pay off the black political leaders and keep the corporate subsidies flowing.
Anonymous said…
Once again TKC commenters are right on the money. KCSD gets more money per student.

The problem is not money.

It's the black thug culture and will never change until blacks are willing to accept that they are the problem.

KCSD is effective segregation, any white parent sending their kids to KCSD are guilty of child abuse.

Anonymous said…

Billion Dollars Plus down the bottomless pit of KCPS with no discernible positive improvement. Superintendents (black) roll through with almost predictable regularity on their way to better positions. As stated above, as long as black culture places little value upon learning, there's no fixing things. Teaching to the lowest common denominator punishes the students with a wish to learn. Vouchers would help, but teachers; unions go nuts at the mere mention.

Anonymous said…
"Kansas City Schools Have Missed Out On Millions Of Dollars For The Sake Of Development. Will The City Finally Pull Back?"

Nope. They hire the worst school district employees, the cheapest labor they can find, then they wonder why their students perform so poorly. No, don't give those students any more money. We'll try to attract business to this dead city at the cost of our students' education.

If you have the means, send your kids to private schools. Tell them they don't have to believe the religious BS, but they will 100% get a better education in all other areas. Our kids were so far ahead of their public school friends. They were prepared for college and life. They could balance their checkbooks, pay bills, create a budget and stick to it, etc.
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Anonymous said…
When the school kids pony up the kinds of campaign contributions the developers do, the city council and mayor might consider not offering "incentives" to every "developer" with nothing but a smile and a shoeshine.
Until then, though, you kids will just have to suck it up!
Priorities, you know!