Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Kansas City End Game At Home

New trend amid the pandemic has people checking out under their own roof. The topic is sad but not altogether horrible as a great deal of the "death industry" hosts unnecessary expenses.

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More terminally ill people are choosing to die at home during the pandemic

Mortuary owner Brian Simmons has been making more trips to homes to pick up bodies to be cremated and embalmed since the pandemic hit.With COVID-19 devastating communities in Missouri, his two-person crews regularly arrive at homes in the Springfield area and remove bodies of people who decided to die at


Anonymous said...

I hope the Karencrats that have pushed this phony plandemic are happy.

Anonymous said...


They're sociopaths and narcissists. In other words they don't care about others. Their only concern is to push the agenda to destroy family ties, destroy small businesses, destroy any and all organizations that promote and strengthen individual independence.

Anonymous said...

^^Yes, because that really helps them achieve what?. Fucking moron.

Anonymous said...


Their goal is to make everyone dependent on the Govt.

Then they will control your (moron) life.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet I've never been dependent on the Government and never will be though so...weird. Any other explanations that aren't based on geriatric fucktard fantasy?

Anonymous said...

Ha, time will tell... and reveal your intentions here.

Look who resorts to cussing and name calling to communicate.

Time reveals the truth, as well as your verbiage shows your lack of awareness and intelligence.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

^^and yet you can't communicate and are wholly unworthy of it. You are a moron and deserving of every name called you. Weird.