Kansas City Star Hates The Northland

To be fair, the feeling is mutual as the so-called KC "paper-of-record" plays taxpayer watchdog with this community resource despite support for tax and spend policy throughout their history.

Op/ed safely hidden behind the paywall . . .

Now is not the time to spend $36 million on Sporting KC soccer park in the Northland

The Kansas City Council is nearing a vote on a final agreement to build and operate a scaled-down youth soccer complex in the Northland. Unfortunately, this is precisely the wrong time to spend millions in taxpayer funds for a soccer park. https://www.kansascity.com/opinion/editorials/article248645075.html


  1. S o we can keep spending tax money on entertainment districts, convention centers, convention hotels, parking garages for luxury condos and apartments, toy trains, stadiums and subsidize underperforming TIF's.

  2. I haven't played kick ball in years but if she's playing I will too

  3. Now is not the time to listen to anything the Kansas City Red Star has to say.

  4. This is a first! The KC Star is against spending money. Wow!

  5. Why is the frd star still in business? Actually a betted question is why does anyone read or repeat anything a 20 something snot nose, not paying their loan off "journalist" has to say ?

  6. Havent these same guys gone to a bunch of different areas to try and build soccer fields. I would investigate the people involved. It appears they keep showing up for free money. Sportting kc is owned by the cerner people. They are billionaires. Beware of this deal. Investigate...then vote!


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