Saturday, December 05, 2020

EPIC Kansas City EPIC Sunset Captured

Fun fact just a bit of edification that hopefully helps to dispel negative stereotypes, disrupt the hegemony and keep this a fair use post . . . Hottie Lindsey isn't just one of the top ranking Instagram models in all of the world, she's a bit of a shutter bug and has a surprising depth of knowledge and interest in photography. Just like TKC!!!

Accordingly, and in the holiday spirit of sharing, we direct readers to an amazing sunset shot from Hyperblogal. 

The AMAZING image not only offers a comforting look at this town but also reminds us that mobile phones haven't yet surpassed the keen eye, skill and precision required to take an exceptional photo. 

Developing . . .


KC said...

Huba huba 🥰🥰🥰

Anonymous said...

can't figure if she's a johnson or a taylor - probably both.

sunset reminds me that the days are getting shorter.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Neither a Johnson or a Taylor - she's a Silicon-coated Polyurethane.