Monday, November 23, 2020

Internets Journalism: LGBT Friendship Defines Future Of Kansas Politics

A Democratic Party backed newsie effort begs for online donations starting at around 50 bucks a month in exchange for progressive screeds that might or might not reflect reality in a solidly red state that voted for Prez Trump overwhelmingly and has started to skew even more conservative since 2018. 

Take a peek . . . 

To hear these two men tell it, all hope for Kansas Democrats and Republicans is not lost | Kansas Reflector

If Kansans have any hope for party politics, there are a couple of guys in Wichita they should know. Dalton Glasscock, 26, is chairman of the Kansas Federation of Young Republicans and, until a couple of weeks ago, was chairman of the Sedgwick County Republican Party.


Anonymous said...

Faglers giving us all advice. I ll turn the Tv on if i need their 24 /7 input.

Anonymous said...

Glasscock. Easy, easy!!!

Charlie Horse said...

^^^ Damn, beat me to it.

Anonymous said...


"Both men are gay, which is notable only because Glasscock’s membership in the generally LGBTQ-unfriendly party is a reminder that reality is complex. Also notable: Despite their leadership in ever-more hostile parties, they’re friends."

Janovy has chosen to profile these two individuals (lead photo appears to show them happily sitting as a same-sex couple) BECAUSE they are homosexuals. This story exists BECAUSE of their sexual orientation. If the subjects were heterosexual, this story never would have been written.

Also please note Janovy's personal hostile view toward the Republican Party with her uncalled for description of them as "generally LGBTQ-unfriendly party."

Here is how Janovy describes herself at the bottom of the article:

"C.J. Janovy is a veteran journalist with deep roots in the Midwest. Before joining the Kansas Reflector, she was an editor and reporter at Kansas City’s NPR affiliate, KCUR. Before that, she edited the city’s alt-weekly newspaper, The Pitch, where Janovy and her writers won numerous local, regional and national awards. Her book “No Place Like Home: Lessons in Activism from LGBT Kansas” was among the Kansas Notable Books of 2019."

No surprise! Janovy is an LGBT activist, formerly with KC's KCUR radio and The Pitch alternative weekly newspaper. "They" write about LGBT issues.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

12:26 Amen

Anonymous said...

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