Monday, November 16, 2020

Charge: KCK Killers Work For Cheap

National news crime story offers more deets on this local murder for hire plot with a price tag that's less than a compact Korean car. Life comes cheap in The Dotte and new arrivals from South of the Border are ALWAYS willing to provide discounts . . . Accordingly, here's a glimpse at why the local crime spike isn't going away any time soon . . . Check-it: 

Kansas Contract Killers Agree to Make Murder Look Like Robbery for $10,000; Arrested and Charged

Two men from Kansas were charged in federal court for offering to kill a man for a fee of $10,000 and make the murder appear like a robbery. Brian Pizarro, 19, and Miguel A. Pizarro, 20, from Kansas City, Kansas, have been charged with traveling from Kansas to Missouri in order to carry out a contract killing.

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