The often horrible but always enlightening 2020 campaign season has shown us that conservatives are making progress and winning support with demands to reopen schools. The crackdown on parents and students has been portrayed as draconian by the right-wing and, like it or not, the outcry is resonating.

Accordingly, we're seeing local leaders change their tune about school lockdowns.

The latest . . .

KCUR: The Science Says Kansas City Area Schools Should Reopen


"The coronavirus isn’t running rampant through schools that have reopened. Health officials say that’s because with precautions, schools can operate safely.

"Most Kansas City area students whose families picked in-person learning this year are now back in school a few days a week.

"And though there have been cases in schools that have required other students and teachers to quarantine, few have turned into superspreader events.

“I was one that did not believe we needed to close the schools back in the spring,” Dr. Rex Archer, director of the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department said. “I didn’t see evidence that the disease was spreading from those school-age populations to other populations.”


Other than distracting demands to lock up the Prez, here's what the heath department said back in July according to the KCPS . . .

"The Health Department issued new and updated guidance stating that in-person school was not advised in Kansas City. The number of positive COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly in this region . . ."

And so, what we've really learned, as of late, is that much of the pandemic chatter we've heard from public officials is "flexible" and students would be wise to play close attention as talk about the virus continues to "evolve" over time and especially during election season.

Developing . . .


  1. KC has never been about "science" just our leaders making it all up as they go along.

    Just look at the 10-10-10 nonsense. Technically, it's still supposed to be in place.

    But if you ask them about all of the shut downs they'll tell you it's not their fault.

    1. ^^^


    2. Sure politics flexible. Just look at Trump telling Woodward the truth that Covid was a huge problem while lying to you gullible chuds that's it's NBD so you wouldn't panic.

      So is anyone ever going to explain why we should downplay Covid, to avoid panic, though it has killed 220,000 Americans but constantly rage about BLM, which has killed 1?

  2. 11:33 for the win.

    Fuck You Weird guy before you say a damn thing.

  3. Actually, KCMO has never been about LEADERS.
    Just a bunch of childish wannabees making it up as they go along.
    The results speak for themselves.

  4. Hind-sight is 20/20 but let's make sure we all remember what public health officials have recommended - what they've been correct about and what they've totally missed. In the midst of this craziness we need to know who is making reliable recommendations and whose running around saying the sky is falling.

    The COVID-exhaustion going on right now with people say "f#$) it" is directly related to the overreaction and politicization of this craziness. For fear of holding the politically incorrect position that we need to keep our economy open while focusing on changing behavior and protecting vulnerable positions (a Trump position) public health officials, politicians, news organizations, and talking heads have over-reacted. Heaven forbid they take a position that happens to align with the President's.

  5. ^^but the president has taken NO position and you don't really know what you're talking about. Typical. Weird.

  6. Maybe Republicans can resurrect the corpse of Hitler for the next election cycle. I'd get to work on it now, though.

  7. The original goal was to flatten the curve. The new goal seems to be to prevent everyone from getting infected. The new goal is unrealistic. Covid is here, it's not going away (although it might mutate), protect yourself and others as best you can but go about your business as normally as circumstances permit.

  8. 11:49 - funny how daily press conferences, CDC, DHH, and other guidance is "no agenda". Kinda funny how that works out - if you hate Trump, he doesn't have an agenda. If you can stomach Trump, it's pretty straight forward. Hope you're having fun politicizing this.

  9. 12:00 hey dummy, the Russians have his bones! Hahahahaha!

    Let’s keep it with the dimwit Russian conspiracy theory’s ok!

  10. No, let's keep it with Trump being a saint and a narcissist and having a persecution complex and having his campaign rallies be 90-minute insult sessions without any ideas or proposals but with plenty of ribbing for governors who were kidnap targets and other Republicans desperately looking for ways out of the electoral slaughter coming their way in two weeks.

    Let's stick with that shall we?

  11. I hear that’s what is holding up the stimulus negotiations, peelousy wants hitlers bones back for their maniacal resurrection plans and Trump says not no but hell no! Lmao!

    You dummies and your Russian conspiracies! Damn you guys are gullible! Wait, what? The biden cartel is in bed with the Russians, Chinese and the Ukraine? Holy shit Batman, that’s no conspiracy, it’s the truth!

  12. Ha - TOTALLY QUALIFIED UNTIL.....he's not. Ignore what's behind the curtain....what he's said in the past....just focus on what he's saying now.

    This is a JOKE. wear a mask, social distance, avoid large crowds, continue living your life. The only person that we recommend living in a bubble is Biden because the more he says, the less likely he's going to get elected.

  13. Biden was involved in money laundering and bribes with foreign countries? Damn, I had no idea, you’d nevar know watching the news would you?

  14. "Suburban women, will you please like me?" - A blubbering Republican buffoon

  15. "Go buy a dishwasher. I said what's wrong with this thing? It doesn't clean the dishes right. The women come up to me, the women who they say don't like me, they actually do like me a lot. Suburban women, please vote for me. I'm saving your house. I'm saving your community. I'm keeping your crime way down." - Buffoon


    1. Suburban women are the ones who do the dishes in their households
    2. Dishwashers make doing the dishes easier
    3. Trump made the water pressure in dishwashers better
    4. Dishwashers now work better
    5. Suburban women must vote for Trump


  16. My dog Rex has a longer attention span the Rex Archer.

  17. Hiden biden and that commie cunt Harris are all hiding in the basement right now, they’ve missed a golden opportunity to kill rapey joe with the “virus”

  18. Rex needs to be hanged on the steps of city hall

  19. ^^and you should've been aborted but it is what it is so...

  20. So now crazy Rex can’t keep his lies straight, effing moron. Great catch Tony!

  21. Yeah, scientists are NEVER allowed to change their views based on new findings or evidence. IT MUST ALWAYS STAY ONE WAY FOREVER!

    Can you guys post the names of your doctors here? I need a good bloodletting, preferably with leeches. I'll follow that up with a nice trepanation, of which you guys have obviously had several, and some mercury therapy for good measure.

  22. The left lives in an alternate reality and rewrites history as needed to maintain the narrative. It is all about power to them. Getting it. Using it. Keeping it. Everything serves that goal.

  23. 12:50 he had awesome parents and you don’t know who your daddy is, matter of fact, the only reason you weren’t aborted by your hoe baby momma was for the massive amounts of welfare money she kept for herself!

    Vote for joe biden, I’m hiding from the Chinese!

  24. Please shut down power and light. Do you want 25 million visitors to be infected?

  25. - Dr. Fauci and Dr. Rex Archer and their national and local health departments were totally unprepared for the Chinese pandemic.

    - Typical government bureaucrats.

    - ABC, NBC, and CBS Medical Experts went on national t.v. and said don't buy masks that they don't help and nurses need masks. (Feb and March)

    - Fauci said no masks in February.

    - Cuomo and Pelosi said President Trump's travel ban was racist and both made a big deal going to China Town to eat Chinese food in late March.


    - President Trump had to step in and slap on a travel ban from China.

    - Trump partnered with the private sector to mass produce ventilators, masks, nurses gowns, sanitizers as again the CDC and NIH were woefully unprepared.

    - Trump sent to giant Red Cross ships to New York City and Los Angeles to assist with the reported overwhelming cases of corona virus. Neither hospital ship was used as fake news from the Media and Cuomo.

    - After mass producing ventilators it was found Cuomo had auctioned off the State of New York's ventilators plus had 5,000 ventilators in a government warehouse. People died due to Cuomo's political grand standing.

    - Cuomo murdered 10,000 elderly nursing home residents by forcing nursing homes to accept corona virus patients.

    - Trump did all of this while the Marxist Democrats led by Pelosi created false impeachment proceedings to stage a Presidential coup and cover up Joe Bidens corrupt acceptance of bribes from the Ukraine and China.

    - During a national health crises, Joe Biden and the Marxist Democrat Party unleash BLM and ANTIFA to burn and loot our major cities. Treasonous.

    So fuck you CNN, fuck you China, fuck you Joe Biden, fuck you Nancy Pelosi and fuck the Communist Democrat Party (CDP).

  26. #152 in south kc! Less than an hour ago!

    Mayor lickass is gonna be the new murder king of the world before long!

    The cleave will have a ceremony to celebrate no longer being the murder king of kc at 18th and vine when the record gets broke later this week! Oh and sLIE is happy to be in third place now that lickass has taken his spot!

  27. Meanwhile Joe Biden hid in his basement for six months cowering like the coward he is.

    You want a coward like Joe Biden as your Commander in Chief.

  28. ^^^ commie Harris is hiding in her basement too.

  29. Biden’s- Hunter and Joe- will be in jail soon enough.

    Both deserve all penalties and the emails and photos are damning.

    And the KC Star still hasn’t covered it as of yesterday.

    Let them go broke and impound their oresses

  30. ^^and yet that's just a Russian propaganda hack. So bogus, even the writers who wrote the story didn't want to sign their names. Nobody's going to jail, the emails are phony and only Trumpturds believe it. The rest of the world shrugged it off already as another Trump dirty trick. no effect in the polls. Weird.

  31. Lyin' Blunderin' Biden (the "big guy" in the emails) gets a 10% cut from Hunter's illegal deals. The ultimate case study in illegal nepotism.

  32. Dr. Rexy Unsexy is always a little smarter after he takes his laxative cocktail because he has sh*t for brains.

  33. Trump: Biden will 'listen to the scientists' if elected

    OMFG! That Communist! That Socialist! That Pedophile! Biden should just listen to you guys!

  34. 1:55. So you are saying the photos the NY Post printed are fake?
    And Hunter had the proper experience to make millions from the Russians?

    And the emails are all fake?

    Weird. Today the FBI admitted the highest levels are involved.

    Weird. That must be vaccine Hunter snorting up his nose.

  35. 1:55 - Do you feel duped that your Russian misinformation was used for the past 3 years to delegitimize the 2016 election, sow discord, incite violence, and lead to the impeachment of a president? Oh yeah, that Russian disinformation was okay. You're probably going to say the only bad disinformation (which no one has proof that the Hunter hookers, blow, and crack pipe pictures, and emails are anything but legitimate) is the ones that goes after your candidate.

  36. Yes, the emails and photos are fake. Cannot be verified. No one's investigating. Weird.

  37. He will say whatever he thinks you want to hear and waits to see your reaction before saying whatever he thinks you want to hear next


  38. Joe Biden is OWNED by the Russians and Communist China.

    Boy Hunter is OWNED by the Russians and Communist China and is a Coke head.

  39. ^^^So is Trump and he's an Adderall addict so...

  40. 2:40....and if Joe Biden were president COVID wouldn't have killed one person. He would have shut down the borders, closed our economy, and everyone from NYC to Fargo, SD would still be living in a permanent lock down. Government scientists would be happy. Public health departments would be heroes. The media would be singing the praises of President Biden.....BUT....the economy would be in shambles, businesses would be closing in mass, the mental health crisis would be overwhelming, and a every growing lost generation of kids would be losing touch with reality and the ability to transition into adults leaving more people quietly asking (for fear of being a COVID denier) "what the hell happened"?????

  41. Trump was impeached before the pandemic, fool at 1:25.

    Also what does "neither hospital ship was used as fake news" even fucking mean?

    At least make your nonsense TRY and make sense.

  42. ^^^ everything you said is a bald faced lie. Weird.

  43. Yet the Biden’s don’t deny anything.


  44. Is Hunter under suicide watch ?

    If Joe loses (looking more and more likely) will Hunter be blamed and both Biden’s indicted for crimes against America?

    Could the press be jailed (editors) for influencing an election by non- coverage of the Biden’s crimes?

    Stay tuned. Dems looking to get Trumped once again.

    Also- write or call Republicans and tell the Absolutely No Stimulus! Make Pelosi go straight to Hades where Lucifer will be waiting for her and Adam and members of the press. And Nancy’s hairdresser did set her up. Much smarter woman.


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