Overland Park Mayor & Council Vote For Street Tribute To Slain Officer Mike Mosher

Tribute tonight and local community reaction to increased violence . . . "The Overland Park City Council voted Monday to rename part of 123rd Street after fallen Officer Mike Mosher.The stretch between Metcalf Avenue and Blue Valley Parkway will be named Mike Mosher Boulevard."

Take a look . . .

Overland Park to rename street after fallen Officer Mike Mosher

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An Overland Park street will soon be named in honor of a fallen officer. The Overland Park City Council voted on Monday to approve renaming a section of 123rd Street after Officer Mike Mosher, who died in the line of duty in May.


  1. That will drive the blm goons bat shit crazier. 😏🙄🍿

  2. ^^^

    Why, it was a white guy who killed him?

    Shut it, idiot spammer Bandit.


  3. I think that will be nice to recognize him with a street name. He spent his life to protect and serve. Sad that Kansas City can't do this instead of praising criminals with tax payer money.

  4. Has Sharice Davids complained yet?
    Probably too busy still crafting her condemnation of the Dwight Sutherland attacker.

  5. Yeah OPK! Something that makes sense. KC painting BLM murals to honor rioters and thugs. OP has their priorities straight.


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