Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Let's Pretend To Care About Clay County

A new form of government for a local enclave is under discussion and local newsies are forced to entertain suburbanites about their objections. 

Meanwhile, a building project has spiraled out of control and sparks social media activists from this community to mistakenly believe that they're being oppressed.

Also, we're kidding. This is actually very important local guv reporting for anybody who cares about the increasingly important and divisive politics of the Northland:

Clay County commissioner OKS $11.4 million in spending on new annex

KMBC 9 Investigates has found Clay County Commissioner Gene Owen has quietly and single-handedly approved at least $11.4 million worth of spending on the new Clay County annex since March. The annex site still does not have the correct construction permits from the City of Kansas City, Missouri.


Anonymous said...

This is the best possible reason to vote FOR the new County Constitution!
The contempt that Owen/Ridgeway have shown for all Clay County Residents in this matter is mind numbing!

Oh, and now lets hear from the jackass who keeps posting claims that it is Nolte who is in the pocket of "Developers"! This should shut him (or more likely her) up permanently.

And if you aren't already aware, this "new" Annex is going to be built only tree miles from the County Courthouse, and the existing Annex, already built and paid for, located in the western half of the County, far closer to the center of the County's population, is going to be closed and GIVEN AWAY FREE to Owen's largest Campaign Contributor!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Fleener, Jason and Nolte, where is the audit?
Why aren't you demanding Nicole reveal it?
The coffee maker scandal must be exposed.
Flener and Galoway are stupid dupes.
The other two are willful tools of the worst corruption in Clay County history.

Best Clay Co Comment said...

"I fully support this audit.
However, I am disturbed by the motivations of those driving the audit and Galloway's behavior. Most auditors quietly go about their work and in the end release an audit report. This auditor, Galloway, started off by grandstanding in press releases and interviews. She has made disparaging comments about the County, some commissioners, and staff. Nolte is using the audit in retribution against the other commissioners that he doesn't get a long with. The whole audit effort was deeply political at the start. It isn't about a group of citizens desiring a well run county. It is an effort to drive two people out of office and make Nolte and Withington prosper politically. Although the results of an audit may result in findings that reflect poorly on people, including office holders, and even criminal charges, this should not be the motivation. Galloway should have recognized this and insulated her office from it. Instead, she has behaved very unprofessionally and she now has no credibility.
I think Galloway should step back and hire a third party audit firm to complete a professional audit."

Bandit said...

Piss off bedwetter. Not under your control either.