Sunday, October 04, 2020

Kansas City Sunday News Look

Right now hottie Candice inspires this quick peek at the local news scene along with a review of pop culture and top headlines. 

Checkit . . .

Kansas City Workout Advocate

KC-based 'Ninja Warrior' contestant Amber Dawkins raises awareness for cystic fibrosis

It was June 20, and Amber Dawkins and her husband, Jerry, were driving back to Kansas City after spending time with family Palmer, Kansas, when she got the call from a Los Angeles area code that would change her life.

Blaze Kills Overnight

1 dead after fire at Raytown senior-living facility

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One person is dead and multiple others were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation after a senior-living facility caught fire Saturday night in Raytown. Fire crews responded around 9:16 p.m. to Temple Heights Manor, 5420 Blue Ridge Cutoff.

KC Prays Amid Pandemic

Amid pandemic challenges, houses of worship show resiliency

KANSAS CITY (AP) -The coronavirus pandemic has posed daunting challenges for houses of worship across the U.S., often entailing large financial losses and suspension of in-person services. It also has sparked moments of gratitude, wonder and inspiration. In the Chicago suburb of Cary, Lutheran pastor Sarah Wilson recorded a sermon aboard a small plane piloted by a congregation member.


Victoria's Secret's Huge Breakout Quarter

Victoria's Secret killed L Brands Inc. ( NYSE: LB), the lingerie retailer's parent. Early in the year, it looked like it would be partially sold off to a private equity firm after years of falling sales. The deal fell apart. L Brands engineered, with some luck, a turnaround of sorts.

Prez Shares The Love

Trump's children offer support, prayers after COVID-19 diagnosis

President Trump's children offered their support and prayers for their father on Friday after he revealed he had contracted COVID-19. "@RealDonaldTrump is a true warrior. He will fight through this with the same strength and conviction that he uses to fight for America each and every day," Eric Trump said in a tweet.

Plastic Debate Trending

Lindsey Graham's Dem opponent shields self on debate stage with plexiglass partition

The South Carolina Democrat looking to replace Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham took what appeared to be a unique approach to stressing the coronavirus issue during their debate Saturday. He wrapped himself in plexiglass.

GOP Stands By Prez

SurveyMonkey poll: Trump faces little GOP fallout over COVID disclosure

Just one in 10 Republicans says President Trump is handling his own COVID-19 diagnosis irresponsibly, according to a SurveyMonkey snap poll for Axios after he disclosed testing positive.

Social Media Death Threat Crackdown

Facebook, Twitter and TikTok ban users from wishing for Trump's death from COVID-19

Following President Trump's positive COVID-19 diagnosis, social media companies have voiced a clear message: Any content that wishes for the death of anyone, including the president, will be removed. After the president announced that he and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for coronavirus early Friday morning, many people, including his political opponents, wished them well.

El Papa Condemns State Sponsored Killing

Pope Francis closes the door on the death penalty in 'Fratelli Tutti'

Pope Francis' new encyclical, "Fratelli Tutti," does something that some Catholics believed could not be done: It ratifies a change in church teaching. In this case, on the death penalty. In 2018, Pope Francis ordered a change in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the official compendium of church teaching, when he termed the death penalty "inadmissible."

Latino Print Legacy Endures

Joe Arce, trailblazer in Latino community, reflects on 50 years in news, says he's not through

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The KC Hispanic News comes out every week like clockwork as it has for 24 years. "And 26 years in television, that's a total of 50 years covering news in the Kansas City area," Joe Arce said. Arce is the man behind all the years of dedication to the Latino community.

Kansas City Arts Movement Persists Amid COVID-19

The Story So Far In Kansas City: How The Pandemic Put Two Career Artists Back Where They Started

Making a career as an artist is a creative gesture as bold and miraculous as any brushstroke. There's no clear path to success, and even great success does not guarantee economic survival. You can get your book published, your paintings displayed, your name in the credits of a movie, and still find yourself unable to visit a dentist or pay your rent.

Kansas City Weather Right Now

Foggy start to Sunday, sunny rest of day


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chuck said...

Fuck the Socialist wolf in sheep's clothing politician, Pope Franny.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha The pope is full of crap! He's a socialist and is big into the NWO and depopulation. Gee who was it that turned a blind eye to the Holocaust???????? Could that have been the Catholics???? YES! I'm a Roman who grew up in that church and I'm now a Christian, and I know everything about that church.

Anonymous said...

You're not a "Christian", you're a Paulist!
Christ said his message was only for the Jews.
It was only after Paul ousted Peter as the leadership of that particular Messianic Cult that Gentiles were included.

Charlie Horse said...

Pope Francis' new encyclical, "Fratelli Tutti," sounds more like Fruity Tooty. All lifers should be out in a prison like SuperMax in Colorado. They only see guards and no one else for the rest of their life.

MDSF said...

T here
I s
N o
G od!


Anonymous said...

And "Charlie Horse" sounds like a case of the Cramps!
Plus, he picture of a Chicken in an Orange Wig tht you post is an insult to our Beloved Draft Dodger In Chief"!

Bandit said...

The Pope can suck Joe Hiden's dick.

Reverend Stone said...

With a modest donation, I am confident we, at the Church Of The Backyard Rock, can fix all of your butt hurts.
We received enough donations to use Roundup to expose more of Gawd's 4 billion year old rock head from the surrounding grass and weeds. Gawd told me (his voice on Earth) he will help those who donate on a sliding scale from a little help for modest gifts, to a great deal of help for those who pay thru the nose. He also said he is contemplating upgrading The Church to Cathedral level and making me a bishop, and in so doing, he says I merit an Escalade. Stay tuned for an official announcement.

Anonymous said...

^^^ spoken like the real deal racist fake rev runs in da hood! Well done sir!

Anonymous said...

Alternate headline, Francis confirms to the world that his election to the papacy was not valid as he attempts to change traditional Church teaching. He is an anti-pope...a false prophet, perhaps the false prophet of Revelation.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Oh, a thumper is heard from!

Anonymous said...

Who left the retard ward unlocked this time? 11:35 is out again.

Anonymous said...

10:21: +1000! Obviously The Backyard Rock, the true god, is not in favor of the Great Pumpkin's plan to pack the Supreme Court with followers of a cult, so he has not only smitten the pumpkin, but also several of his minions!

Anonymous said...

Go Amber! Go Amber! Go Amber!

Kamala will 25th admend Joe fast said...

The Great Pumpkin reigns, and HE shall arise from the ashes at Walter Reed and smite those who would dare challenge his domination. Basement dwellers (and Chris Wallace) beware!

Bandit said...

Have to post this to ruin what's left of the libtard's weekend.

Trump Is Taking A Steroid And Could Be Discharged From Walter Reed As Early As Monday Morning, White House Doctors Say

P.S. Ginsburg is still dead.

Anonymous said...

Will Trump make the world a better place and Melania very happy or will he recover?

Anonymous said...

Watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on NexFlix and go chill yourself.

Anonymous said...

The Pope say no death penalty? The Romans crucified Jesus. Yes the same Romans (Constantine era rulers) that adopted Christianity.

So you can kill an innocent man/God (Jesus) but not mass murderers who butcher families and kids?

The Pope has a screw loose

Anonymous said...

And yet the Pope is not living 2000 years ago, weirdo.

Anonymous said...

number 1 reason why there should be no death penalty, because you bitches sometimes get it wrong.

Anonymous said...

And then there are people like you 5:07 that are the very reason that there is the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

lol, see, you got it wrong bitch, you think everyone who disagrees with you is black. My mennonite ancestors are going to rise from the dead, make an exception, and kick your ass.

Anonymous said...

5:15 you are banned from Trub switzerland, if you enter, you shall be imprisioned.