Sunday, October 04, 2020

Kansas City First Responder Confessions

This article is mostly fluff but it offers a nice respite from constant criticism of locals who risk it all for the best pensions in the metro.

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Kansas City First Responders Mindful Of Being In The Moment

Mindfulness teachers Erik Hulse and Angela Caruso-Yahne believe their practices can help first responders at home and while on duty. "Had I had some kind of mindfulness training in the police academy or earlier in my career, I think it would have profoundly impacted the trajectory of my career and my personal life and my health as well," Hulse says.


Anonymous said...

Screw KCUR, never click on anything those pinkos have to say about anything, even real life heros. Bet they say something negative about them.

Bandit said...

The only propose KCUR serves is a temporary cure for insomnia. The radio "personalities" that are on that crap public drain on the taxpayer station could bore coma patients.

Anonymous said...

They were practicing some radical mindfulness in last winter's homeless camp hosedown.

Charlie Horse said...

The only thing I'm mindful of is the aftermath of overeating at Taco Bell.