Saturday, October 10, 2020


The top health dude in Kansas and chicken man doppelganger chides pandemic deniers in a bold statement that places blame for more Sunflower State infections and deaths.

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Fox4: Kansas is 'losing the battle' on COVID-19, state's top health official says

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The state Department of Health and Environment said Kansas reported 1,855 new confirmed and probable coronavirus cases since Wednesday, an increase of 2.9%, to bring the total for the pandemic to 65,807.

“Other states are doing bad, and we’re doing worse than most,” Dr. Lee Norman, the head of the state health department, said during an interview. “We’re losing the battle right now.”

The state saw an average of 671 new cases a day for the seven days ending Friday, breaking the state’s previous record of 667 for the seven days ending Sept. 28. The state has seen that seven-day average hit or exceed 600 cases per day for five of the six reports it has issued in the past two weeks.

Norman blamed the increases on residents’ refusal to consistently follow public health guidelines for mask-wearing, social distancing and avoiding large public gatherings. He said people need to do all of them in tandem to check the virus’ spread.

Meanwhile, we continue to hear many amateur scientists and drunk uncles offer their counterpoints whilst playing doctor on social media.

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Anonymous said...

GOOD GOD will you democrats stop pushing this virus.

Dr Fauci: There will be a pandemic during the Trump administration! Got a problem with this virus? Take if to Fauci and Barack Obama who funded the lab in China where this virus came from!

Oh and the one who played doctor in other countries with his bogus vaccines is Bill Gates. he has either killed people used as guinea pigs or damaged their health for life. Even little kids.

Dirty democrats!

Anonymous said...

You're not afraid enough, citizens! said...

CNN says we "are never going back to normal".

The revolution is over and they say they won.

WEAR YOUR SLAVE MASK AND OBEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

More testing = more infections. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Another failure of the Laura Kelly Administration in KS. Worst Governor Ever!!

Alpinista said...

It's a failure of the Trump Administration. There has been zero leadership from the stupid, crazy bitch in the White House.'

Anonymous said...

Nah, there was plenty. Of course at the time all the Democrats were concerned about was their sham impeachment.

Anonymous said...

Colonel Sanders sucks at playing Chicken Little for Governor Grandmaw.

FACTS you can glean yourself from the KDHE website:

1. Testing more, so seeing more positives.

2. Testing more, yet deaths aren't going up, daily deaths are in the single digits.

3. Over 130 hospitals in the state, only about 470 Covid patients or 4-5 patients per facility. Hospitals have 8100 beds.

4. The entire state has over 1100 ventilators, only 34 of which are being used by covid patients.

5. Of those 470 hospitalized only 119 are in ICU. There are 1100 ICU beds in the state's hospitals.

We've had worse flu seasons, fuck all this panic-demic horseshit.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alpinesta. Your a Democrat You loser, non working parasite degenerate

Anonymous said...

County by County stats put our by The NY Times prove that masks make zero difference in Covid hospitalizations or deaths.

Anonymous said...

Quack! Huge Trump parade went from South KC to OPK earlier today. 6 Hiden Joe supporters and in their normal fashion, blue hair, F Trump signs.../look like 3rd grader did them. Dems are a classy bunch. Looked like a bulldykes from UMKC and pretty shaky.

Anonymous said...


“Other states are doing bad, and we’re doing worse than most,” Dr. Lee Norman, the head of the state health department.

Norman confesses his FAILURE, dares Kansans to remove him from office.

Fact: The coronavirus has been circulating within the United States for approximately 1 year. Retrospective studies have shown that the virus was present in patients presenting to hospitals in California back in Oct/Nov 2019.

Dr. Norman wants you to believe that the virus had to walk all the way from California to Kansas. Kansas liberal Democrats (Kelly and Norman) were early signatories to the national Democratic Party scheme to politicize the virus in an attempt to swing Kansas blue. They'll desperately push FEAR politics through the November election, and purposely hurt Kansans with job and financial losses in hopes that you'll blame Trump.

This question has NEVER been answered!
Why was KS Governor Laura Kelly the 1st governor in the nation to close public schools? Before California, before New York, before New Jersey, before all of the virus hotspots, at a time when KS only had a small number of coronavirus cases in nursing home type settings.

Review the timeline, answer the question, and you'll understand the dirty politics Kelly and Norman deployed against their own people.