Monday, September 14, 2020

Kansas Thinks Sky Is Falling?!?

Ivy League informs us that the Sunflower State is worried about the fate of the planet . . . But probably not enough to give up their gas guzzling cars.

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More Kansans Than Ever Believe In Global Warming, Yale Survey Shows

Climate change is at the root of this year's extreme weather events, from the wild swings between flooding and drought in Kansas to larger hurricanes and some of the worst wildfires the West has seen. And the majority of Americans are starting to take notice, according to the latest survey from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.


Anonymous said...

A YALE survey about people in Kansas?
These ivy league elites couldn't place the state on a map if you left the writing on it.
Did they also continue their study into the theory that people west of the Hudson River continue to grow their own food?
The folks at KCUR continue to think that having their noses up the coastal elites' butts translates into some degree of sophistication.

Anonymous said...

No, no they don't.

Anonymous said...

^^Yes. Yes they do.
A bunch of snotty, effete Jooz.

Anonymous said...

GLOBAL WARMING crashed and burned, it was resurrected as CLIMATE CHANGE which is a nonsensical term.

KCUR is the local NPR-affiliate, a politically liberal propaganda outlet, dedicated to the destruction of traditional American values like respect for life, faith, family, and liberty.

About the Data
Public opinion estimates are produced using a statistical model based on national survey data (n > 25,000) gathered between 2008 and 2020 by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication. Positive (e.g., “Agree” or “Support”) and negative (“Disagree” or “Oppose”) responses are modeled separately; the light grey space on the bar charts therefore reflects respondents who marked “I don’t know”, “Not sure”, “Refused”, or similar options. For details see the “Methodology” tab on this page and Howe, P., Mildenberger, M., Marlon, J.R., and Leiserowitz, A., “Geographic variation in opinions on climate change at state and local scales in the USA,” Nature Climate Change. DOI: 10.1038/nclimate2583. Email for more information.

This research and website are funded by the Energy Foundation, the 11th Hour Project, the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, the TomKat Foundation, and the MacArthur Foundation.
The above organizations are decidedly LIBERAL. Examples:
The 11th Hour Project is controlled by ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt and wife, San Francisco Bay Area billionaire Democrat funders.
The TomKat Charitable Trust is a private foundation formed and funded by left-wing San Francisco billionaire Thomas F. Steyer, and his wife Kathryn Taylor. The organization derives its name from combining the couple’s first names, “Tom” and “Kat.” Recall that Steyer was a candidate for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nominee.

Anonymous said...

^^TL/DR. Do better!

Clayton Bigsby said...

TS/CR go die

The Ayatollah said...

Yale needs to worry about their own city and state. Lots of riots and protests and monument toppling in new haven ...... kansas will be ok Yale !!! Thanks for the concern !!

Retro ROCKER said...

The Climate Change has been around for thousands of years. Ice Age Floods,And the Kansas Desert has been hot in the summertime for Hundreds of years .Man will destroy itself. Before climate destroys the World. But the U.S.WILL have to deal with the volcano. IN YELLOW Stone. That is not climate change .

Anonymous said...

3:04 is an illiterate Democrat

Never has any data to refute the points made, only knows how to make himself look stupid.