Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Kansas City Endures Protest Confusion

Worthwhile post from The Pitch warns that partisan slap fighting often obscures important advocacy . . . Read more:

On QAnon parades and the highjacking of legitimate movements

Protesters showed up for a multitude of causes. // Photo by Jim Nimmo On Saturday, August 29th, several groups of activists gathered in front of City Hall to protest child sex trafficking. They promoted stronger criminal penalties for the crime and rallied to raise awareness.


Anonymous said...

When will we see a protest against the Pitch and their lousy poorly written stories?

Anonymous said...

^^no. You're too fat & lazy to get off your ass.

Anonymous said...

Why protest the Pitch? It's running on fumes already. It would fold before you could organize your protest.

Anonymous said...

"In May of 2019, the FBI named QAnon as a domestic terrorist group due to numerous discussions advocating violence on the web. Social media platforms have also begun to crack down on QAnon for the same reason by removing hundreds of groups and pages."

Yeah sure..., let's label Q a domestic terror organization - but blow off BLM/AntiFa scum burning cites down. The Pitch can eat shit cause that's all they print.

Q is prescient and right far more often than wrong. said...

The LEFT is NOTHING but fake news.

Here is CBS using Trump Latino Rally pictures and subbing them with a straight face as Biden supporters.

Anonymous said...

The DOJ and the FBI are more corrupt than the Russian SVR. At least in Russia, the Russians KNOW that Pravda is lying to them.

Here in the US, most Americans think CBS and thee MSM are telling the truth and indeed, here in KC, some rubes think the Pitch is on the level.

Anonymous said...

^OK Boomer.

Anonymous said...


Here's a recent article headline from Nimmo:
July 4th police protest echoes the spirit of resistance which founded America
JIM NIMMO July 6, 2020

He equated the BLM anti-police protestors to the founders of our nation. So, we know for a fact that Nimmo is a lunatic. That point is self-evident.

As for his love of penis cutting, child trafficking, violent protests, and presidential candidates with dementia, we'll wait for his follow-up articles, but frankly nothing would surprise us with this man suffering extreme pangs of white liberal guilt.

Nimmo describes himself this way: "I have lived two extremes in my life. I grew up in Neosho, MO; a small, white farming community, population then of 9,000 people. The one-time Confederate capital of Missouri. I have lived my adult life in the highly diverse midtown region of Kansas City. Over 30 of those years have been spent in a mixed household. If my son is shot for walking while black.."

Are you getting the picture, Dear Reader? A white kid from a tiny MO farming community grows up, rejects his own community, moves to the big city, presumably partners with a person of color, has children which he refers to as black, becomes a willing victim of the White Liberal Guilt agenda, advocates for the Socialist-Marxist Democratic Party led by old white people with dementia (Biden, Pelosi), all because he turned his back years ago on his own flesh and blood.

Nimmo is an example of the Intolerant Left. While siding with societal troublemakers, and downplaying their violence, Nimmo simultaneously attempts to ridicule those with alternative viewpoints (crazy or not). It's the classic case of "my crazy friends are just fine, but your crazy friends should be incarcerated or put out of their misery."


chuck said...

The Pitch calls out some quasi anonymous source on the internet for predictions they disagree with, but gives a pass to CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Trib, Huff Post (The list is legion.) after 3 1/2 fuckin years of lies, that THEY KNEW WERE LIES about Russian Collusion.

Pitch - STFU

Retro ROCKER said...

I,have read a couple of Q,s. POST. AND it brings up what most people know. Crooked Hillery 40 years of corruption. Sleepy JOE and HUNTER BIDEN DEALS With the Ukraine and China. And Bills Jet ride To pedi.iland.

Anonymous said...

^^and your willful omission of Trump's multiple scandals tells us all we need to know about you. Hard pass on anything you have to say.

Anonymous said...

^^And thank you for your thought provoking contribution.

Anonymous said...

The Pitch writes with such preconceived bias that only one side is ever shown. New normal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tony for showing where the articles originate.

When from The Pitch, NPR or KCUR, I know not worth reading/listening.