Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Kansas City Arrowhead Checklist Revealed

A look at supplies that fans might need to carry amid the upcoming COVID season . . . Checkit:

What you need to know if you're headed to Arrowhead for Chiefs games this season

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - From the parking lots to the seats, if you snag a ticket to a Chiefs game at Arrowhead this fall, you're going to see some changes. The team is taking numerous safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but still allow fans in the stadium.


Bandit said...

Fuck the blmNFL!

$40 parking
Shitfaced masks
Fucked up tailgaiting
Musical gates
No bags
No cash
No fun

NO THANKS! I'll watch a movie. Got no use for a bunch of overpaid thugs and a moral lecture from wife beaters, girlfriend beaters, drug dealers, drug users and human debris lecturing on the morality of protecting the criminal class. Get woke and go broke!


Anonymous said...

Nothing of interest here, move along!!!

Anonymous said...

Too many rules.


Going to a game is supposed to be a fun time, not a reminder that we are all inmates in a gigantic prison.

Anonymous said...

Scotty c Palmer won't be there anymore with his "sin bus". He done gone, baby!

Anonymous said...


With the NFL desperately pandering to their Woke activist millionaire players of color, before entering the stadium, fans must check their integrity at the turnstile!!!

Anonymous said...

Free to BLM members.

Anonymous said...

For all of the homos and BLM members, they will be taking your temperature rectally. Make sure
you are there early. BLMers get special discount coupons for knives, guns, and commercial grade fireworks for first 1000 fans. Get there early.

Anonymous said...

Cant puke and wear mask at same time. There goes half the season ticket holders. LET BLM have them.
Get woke
Go broke