Friday, September 04, 2020


A glimpse at a golden ghetto struggle for a favorite pastime and a return to the good life before coronavirus reminded us that our society is far more fragile than we ever imagined . . . Read more:

Shawnee Mission, Blue Valley school districts sued over high school golf

JOHNSON COUNTY, MO (KCTV) -- Parents and students in Johnson County are suing because their students can't play golf this fall. Four parents and two students are suing the Shawnee Mission and Blue Valley school districts. The children involved are all girls who golf at either Shawnee Mission East or Blue Valley West.


Anonymous said...

Blacks march against racism, poverty, crime.

Whites sue for Tee time at Hallbrooke.

Amazon pays zero dollars federal tax and gets nearly 1.5 billion dollar taxpayer subsidies.

Billionaire net worth up 30% YTD.

Pretty obvious who is getting the real handouts?

Privilege much? Woke yet?

Anonymous said...

Oh piss off, it's about kids being able to participate in sports.

Anonymous said...

Even some negroes have figured out how to use amazon. That crazy Bezos. He'll be as rich as the Popeye's chicken guy someday.