Tuesday, August 04, 2020


Updated info given that community news just showed it's bias with phony numbers . . .

AS OF THIS WRITING, here's a press shout that's more accurate:

Phyllis Hardwick Ahead in What is Shaping Up to be a Highly Competitive Race for Missouri House District 19

KANSAS CITY, Mo – Phyllis Hardwick, candidate for Missouri House of Representatives, is currently showing ahead of incumbent Ingrid Burnett and Nicholas “Wick” Thomas in what is shaping up to be a highly competitive primary for the Missouri House of Representatives, 19th district.

“We're ahead! We're excited! We've sent the message that people powered campaigns can be competitive in the Midwest,” said Phyllis Hardwick. “We outraised our incumbent challenger and ran a competitive race as a first time candidate. We await the absentee and mail in ballot count to get a clear sense of all of the results, but we are hopeful that we can pull off an upset.”

If Hardwick is successful, she would be the first representative of color to represent the 19th district, the most diverse district in the state.


Update: Incumbent Rep. Ingrid Burnett won.

Developing . . .

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