Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Show-Me Prez Trump Support For Missouri Guv Parson: Hurt Or Help?!?!

Actually, this nod was surprisingly low-key and we wonder if it'll be part of the rural & suburban campaign wherein Guv Mike's twang vs. Auditor Galloway's excellent elocution will serve as the determining factor for low info voters who treat elections like popularity contests i.e. everybody.

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MO Gov. Mike Parson receives presidential endorsement

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As Missouri Gov. Mike Parson campaigns this fall to retain the governorship, he'll have the president on his side. Fresh off his GOP primary victory last Tuesday, President Trump offered his "Complete and Total Endorsement" of Parson in his general election battle against Democratic challenger Nicole Galloway.


Anonymous said...

Of course he got an endorsement. Parson all but gave Trump a rim job during their last meeting. Fucking made Kim Jong Un blush.

Anonymous said...

Was that before or after Trump made the claim that the 1918 Flu Epidemic ended World War Two?
And was he in "Thighland" visiting "Yo-See-Might" National Park when he made the endorsement, or was it while he was running down to the White House Bunker because somebody fired a pistol two blocks away?

Anonymous said...

^^^Hey now, Joe is the one we have to worry about not being all there buddy. Not the guy who aced the fucking dementia test.

Anonymous said...

Yup, scored 100% on a test labeled "Do YOU Have Dementia?", and then brags about it.

Now THAT's Genuis!

Anonymous said...

Lucky to have a great governor (Parsons) and junior senator (Hawley).

Libtards and weird flea eater must gnash their teeth whenever they hear those names.

Diddling Don said...

Trump lied; 163,000+ died. It’s only getting worse. King Trump don’t give two shits about the working class. Can’t be bothered while playing so much golf. So far, his golf addiction has cost taxpayers over $139M. Are you better off than you were 4 years ago? I highly doubt it.

Mo Rage said...

A Presidential endorsement.

From this PResident.

From Donald J Trump.

Yeah, I'd really go out of my way for that, for sure.


The only thing better would be an endorsement from a prisoner in a Federal Penitentiary.

Anonymous said...

^^^ That might be the same thing after the election.

Donald Trump is Individual One on a filed criminal indictment.

Not to mention covering up facts about a fatal virus and burying warnings and guidance from health officials that has led to the needless deaths of 160,000 Americans so far should be also lead to a long prison sentence.