Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Overland Park Outcry Reaches Crescendo As Council Investigates Removing Scott Hamblin

Golden Ghetto shouting reached a fever pitch as news of this drama resonated among the surprisingly engaged crowd. Checkit:

Overland Park council votes to request investigation into possibly removing councilman

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Overland Park City Council wants an investigation into whether Councilman Scott Hamblin should continue to hold his position. In a 9-2 vote, with one abstention, the council voted to have the attorney general or district attorney investigate whether Hamblin's domestic violence arrest last month warrants removal from office.


Anonymous said...

At least OP is taking their issues seriously and doing something about them. KC has a mayor who was behind bricks being delivered in the city for use during riots , telling the rioters it was O.k. to rob stores and told police to stand down or kneel to them and no one does or says anything.

Anonymous said...

No one cares if he beats his wife as long as he does the developer's bidding.

Anonymous said...

Sure, the Mayor is responsible for shit thrown at rioting police but the NRA is not at all responsible for NRA bullets shot into children by school shooters with NRA assault rifles.

Bandit said...

Maybe he should scream "RACISM!" and start a political food fight. That works in Kansas Shitty to distract from facts.

Anonymous said...

But when he gets busted it makes the developers fake democracy look bad so they need a new lackey.

Tracy Thomas said...

This is driven by the silent power cabal--folks like defeated Councilman Terry Goodman (in a diff. district) who are out of power and want to create a vacancy their cronies can fill, without an election.

Scott Hamblin threatens the council control of developer handouts. Look at his voting record. He is aligned with Faris Farrasati. The cabal wants to keep those TIFS and CID crazy sales tax rebates to RED Development and John Petersen at Polsinelli flowing!!! Subsidize those landlords. Meanwhile the tenants are going out of business due to lockdowns.

Hamblin does not "beat his wife". He punched some drywall in a typical OP McMansion. She panicked and called the popo. Note that his WIFE wrote the council that her husband should not be removed from the council!!! Hamblin was charged by OPPD with the wrong offense, and it will not hold up in court. Meanwhile, the cabal has seized on this trying to overturn an election. Without due process of law.