Saturday, August 08, 2020

Kansas City Schools MUST Spend Big Bucks On PPE For 2020 Reopen

And it still might not work . . . Take a look:

Back-To-School Shopping Means Spending Millions On Thermometers, Sanitizer And Air Filters For Kansas City District

When schools reopen, one of the biggest challenges will be how to quickly screen students and staff for coronavirus symptoms. The Kansas City Public Schools won't bring students back until the city-wide numbers start decreasing, but the district has already installed digital thermometers at entrances for summer staff.


Anonymous said...

They already clean the buildings everyday anyway, this is just another scam for more money besides, everybody including the city has had to make cuts and kcps can make cuts too. Take as an example of saving money, they won’t or shouldn’t be playing any sports so there’s a big savings that can provide additional money for ppe, how about eliminating washing their clothes and feeding them three times a day and providing after school daycare especially considering the baby momma doesn’t have a damn job anyway but then again that makes sense and kcps has never made sense in how they spend $20,000 a kid a year.

Suck it up bitches or fold the district and let professionals come up with a better school system because the one they have now has been a failure for at least forty five years now.

Reality Speaker said...

Millions again. No pot to piss in, nor a window to toss it out, but if it's OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY (TAXPAYERS), THEN MILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!