Sunday, August 02, 2020

Kansas City Public Radio Promotes Sketchy Local Coronavirus Real Estate Hype

A premise that almost makes sense even if it's based on anecdotes from newsie friends.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, KCMO is confronting an eviction housing crisis and a litany of cancelled construction projects given the horrific financial devastation wrought by the pandemic.

But by all means . . . Please check these smiling middle-class denizens promoting a faltering market.


'The Midwest Is Surprisingly Hot': The Pandemic Is Luring People To Kansas City, But Experts Aren't Sure They'll Stay

After months of strict quarantine in a small New York City apartment, Hannah Wise decided she'd had enough. It had been a year since the 28-year-old journalist and Wichita native took a job working for the New York Times. The move was a no-brainer; it was the career opportunity of a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

It's not the virus bring people here it's the nasty living conditions of the places they are moving from. They are moving into rural areas of Missouri. If they have liberals mental illness and bring their barbaric policies with them we are running them out. If they are mentally stable and want to contribute to our great sate then they are welcome. Usually the liberals don't stay it's a shock to their small mind and they can't get used to the ill treatment they will get.

Anonymous said...

Even if they're northerners?

Anonymous said...

KCUR is for pinkos.