Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Kansas City News Link Pool Tonight

Right now hottie Claudia inspires this evening news look and a glimpse at the American discourse tonight . . .

Kansas City Hopes For Cure

Metro doctors say trial shows promise in search for COVID-19 vaccine

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Hundreds of area volunteers will soon be a part of the search for a COVID-19 vaccine. Researchers at two metro hospitals announced the expansion of a trial that's showing promise. Scientists had to get creative with a key component but that could end up being the reason this vaccine is so successful.

Sharks For Po-Po

KC police officer accused in death of Cameron Lamb gets help in defense

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - A national organization is pledging support to the Kansas City police officer facing charges in the deadly shooting of Cameron Lamb. Officer Eric DeValkenaere is charged with involuntary manslaughter in Lamb's death. Lamb was shot and killed in December of last year, in the driveway of his home after a high-speed chase.

KCK Laments Sports FAIL

Anger and disappointment follow KCK school district's decision to suspend fall sports

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Dreams of a fall sports season have come to an end for athletes in the Kansas City Kansas Public School District. "Just a lot of mixed emotions. Anger, sadness. It just hurt because I'm a senior and I don't get to play my last year of football," Washington High School Football Senior, Anderson Jones said.

Fitness Hotness Revealed

Claudia Romani Booty, Working Out on the Beach

Claudia Romani - Booty, Working Out on the Beach Italian-American model and reality TV personality Claudia Romani was seen exercising on the South Beach. She wore her usual extra small thong working out. Instagram:

Kamala Strikes First

Kamala Harris blames Trump for severity of U.S. coronavirus outbreak: He failed to take it 'seriously from the start'

Democratic vice-presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris on Wednesday blamed President Donald Trump for the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, saying he was "delusional" and failed to take the virus "seriously from the start." "This virus has impacted almost every country but there's a reason it has hit America worse than any other advanced nation.

Prez Trump Pressures Changes

US proposes change to shower rules after Trump's hair-washing moan

The US president's hair-washing complaints on Wednesday prompted the government to propose an easing of shower pressure standards. Biden and Harris say Trump has left America's reputation 'in tatters' at first event as running mates - live The Trump administration proposed rule changes that would allow shower heads to boost water pressure, after Donald Trump repeatedly complained that bathroom fixtures do not work to his liking.

No Check From Speaker Anytime Soon

White House, Democrats 'miles apart' over coronavirus aid package, Pelosi says

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that Democratic leaders and White House officials remain far apart regarding any deal to provide more emergency aid to American families and workers still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic. "We're miles apart," Pelosi told MSNBC during an interview on Wednesday, citing, in particular, a stalemate over education funding, eviction protections and additional money for food stamps.

Odds For Now

FiveThirtyEight: Biden has a 71 percent chance of winning the White House

A new election model released by FiveThirtyEight gives presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden President Trump Donald John Trump Democrat calls on White House to withdraw ambassador to Belarus nominee TikTok collected data from mobile devices to track Android users: report Peterson wins Minnesota House primary in crucial swing district MORE .

Election Think Piece

Republicans and Race, Redux | National Review

It isn't black voters Harris is meant to court. I n 2020, the Republican Party has a bad reputation on race, not entirely undeserved, and the thing to understand about the upcoming elections is this: As a matter of pure cynical political calculation, the Republican Party's problem isn't that its bad reputation on race costs it the support among black voters but that its bad reputation on race costs it support among white voters.

Meth Town Seyz Goodbye

Former Independence Mayor Don Reimal has died

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man who spent 20 years serving Independence as a councilman and mayor has died. Don Reimal was 78. The city announced his death Wednesday in a news release. Reimal served as city councilman from 1994 to 2006. He was elected mayor in 2006 and served two terms, retiring in 2014.

Midtown Serves Kansas City

Today's Takeout: Fry Bread Tacos and Chicken Drumsticks from Black Sheep

After transforming Black Sheep on 39th Street into Black Sheep Community Kitchen , where he fed the hungry in Kansas City for months, chef-owner Michael Foust reopened his casual dining restaurant to the public in June with a surprise guest in the kitchen.

More Humidity This Week

Sunny and stuffy for your Thursday


And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Claudia is not a hottie. Hotties are not chunky. Cute maybe.

Anonymous said...

It's gone from Biden for President to Harris for President.

Bandit said...

Kamala Ferraro will never get there. She has too much baggage. He picked the wrong black vagina.

Anonymous said...

Most women, especially feminists, don't like when women use their looks and sex to work their way up the ladder and make a lot of money. Kamala is as guilty of a quid pro quo as Joe Biden and his firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

I bet Willie Brown, who was married at the time, has a few choice videotapes of the lovemaking with Kamala. He needs to get the DNC and The National Enquirer in a bidding war for those tapes. He would become richer than Jeff Bezos overnight.

Anonymous said...

Skank: A slutty person who doesn't know how to say no to sex.

Bandit said...

See also: Democrat intern.

The Ayatollah said...

Did we run out of hot girls ?

Anonymous said...

Trump also promised twice today to terminate Social Security and Medicare funding.

He really doesn't want to be president anymore. Now he's just tanking on purpose.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Interesting. I've been thinking the same thing, but as Mencken said, "You can never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."

Anonymous said...

^^^Thats for sure! Check out the above two posters for proof of that!

Anonymous said...

You don't even need news, your TDS makes it up for you.

Anonymous said...

Claudia Romani - Tony's "fat-assed Whore Du Jour"!

What happened? Demi finally find some clothes she could fit over her lard?

Donald J Trump said...

I said it.

“We’ll be terminating the payroll tax after I hopefully get elected.”

“At the end of the year, the assumption that I win, I’m going to terminate the payroll tax."

Forget "defunding the police" (or as Trump says, abolishing and eliminating the police). Outright promises to defund Social Security and Medicare, which pays 65 million Americans and keeps them out of poverty, is a real political death wish.

Without funds going into the trust fund, the payments to retirees disappear. Good luck defending that MAGA heads.

Anonymous said...


That is not very politically correct. He picked the wrong person of color with a cervix.

That covers it without offending anyone.

Bandit said...

It was factually correct. I don't do PC and don't give a shit about bent feelers. There are crying rooms for that.

Anonymous said...

As a proponent of MMT, Trump believes that he can eliminate the payroll tax and fund SS and Medicare with new debt at low interest. He is an idiot for believing that but he is not proposing eliminating SS and Medicare, just a different funding mechanism.

Anonymous said...

^^^ You CAN'T keep a program running without funding (especially ones as massive as Social Security and Medicare). Splitting hairs about taxes doesn't work here. He also offers no alternative funding to replace payroll taxes.

It's why there are specific trust funds and taxes for these programs. The programs will collapse immediately without payroll taxes. It will disappear.

Trump said 'Defunding the Police' is abolishing and eliminating it. Social Security and Medicare are no different. Eliminating funding will kill Social Security.

Anonymous said...

Bandit will be crying after all the women the GOP has pissed off sweeps Trump and his party from offices nationwide.

Insulting and mocking women is costing your party votes. Please keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Bandit will be crying when his hero bankrupts Social Security and he discovers what it's like to be one of Romney's 47% without a safety net.