Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Kansas City Midweek News Layout

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Newsflash: Pandemic Proves Problematic For Kansas City And The Entire World

Nick's Picks | Pandemic Threatens School Openings, College Football Season and City Jobs

Just days after declaring Kansas City a troubling hotspot for rising COVID-19 cases, President Donald Trump is dispatching the coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force to the city this week. The president did not say what day Dr. Deborah Birx would be arriving, who she would meet with, or where she would meet them.

Sky High Rates For New KCI

Fees to pay for new KCI terminal could increase if business travel stays down (Video) - Kansas City Business Journal

Three of Kansas City International Airport's heaviest corporate travel users are buckling in for a turbulent next few months and depressed usage moving forward. According to The Kansas City Star , Cerner Corp. hasn't ceased all business travel, but the North Kansas City-based health care IT company currently is taking only 15% of its normal flights.

Cancel Rock Chalk Fun

Bill Self: Late Night at the Phog might be next COVID-19 casualty

A tradition at the University of Kansas may be the next casualty of COVID-19.KU basketball coach Bill Self says "Late Night at the Phog" doesn't appear realistic, but he said he's not giving up on it just yet.No date has been officially announced for the event at Allen Fieldhouse, but it usually takes place at the end of September or beginning of October.Late Night is one of college basketball's biggest celebrations before the start of the season.

Sexy Keyword Searches Rise

Pornhub searches for Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion jump after 'WAP' video

As fabulously filthy as Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP" video is, it still isn't enough for some people - a lot of people, in fact. Page Six is exclusively told that after the ultra-raunchy video dropped Friday, searches for the stars on Pornhub skyrocketed.

Prez Trump Talks Grammar

Trump says Americans will be forced to 'learn Chinese' if Biden wins

WASHINGTON - China would overtake the United States as the global superpower and force Americans to learn to speak Chinese if Joe Biden wins the election, President Trump claimed on Tuesday. "China will own the United States if this election is lost by Donald Trump.

Problems Plague Prez Trump

Trump: 'George Washington would have had a hard time beating me before the plague came in'

President Trump on Tuesday said he had been "sailing" to reelection before the coronavirus pandemic struck the United States, and could have won reelection even running against George Washington. "George Washington would have had a hard time beating me before the plague came in, before the China plague," Trump said in an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

Russia Vaxx Hoax?!?!

Putin's plan for Russia's coronavirus vaccine is at 'high risk of backfiring,' expert says

Mikhail Metzel | TASS | Getty Images President Vladimir Putin is trying to score "a domestic win" with the planned rollout of Russia's coronavirus vaccine, after mismanaging his country's outbreak and failing to revive the economy, an expert said on Wednesday.

Checkout New Hobo Life

Nearly 20% of NYC hotels are being used to house homeless people

139 of New York City's 700 hotels are being used by the city to house homeless people who they removed from shelters to avoid COVID-19 outbreaks The Lucerne, Belnord and Belleclaire on the Upper West Side and the Rixby, SpringHill Suites, DoubleTree, Best Western and Hampton Inn in the Garment

Royals Almost Rally

Royals battle back but fall to Reds, 6-5

The Royals fell behind big, battled back, and ultimately lost in extras, 6-5, to the Cincinnati Reds. While the loss did drop them to 7-11 and end a four-game winning streak, I think there were plenty of positives to take away from the evening. I was impressed with Kris Bubic tonight.

Healthy Green Boost

'It's a blessing': KC group awards first grant for Black-owned businesses to Ruby Jean's Juicery

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The local organization G.I.FT. is working to give grants to black-owned businesses in Kansas City's urban core. On Tuesday, the organization was able to give away its first to Ruby Jean's Juicery. "For black-owned businesses, it means everything to us. We couldn't really value it any more," owner Chris Goode said.

Local Digital Tryout

'American Idol' virtual auditions set for Wednesday in Missouri

Virtual auditions are being held in Missouri Wednesday for "American Idol." Kansas auditions are set for Aug. 18.

Maybe Rain Today?!?

Warm & muggy with a stray storm possible; Better chance returning Wednesday & Thursday

Staying warm and muggy with heat indices in the mid and upper 90s A few rounds of storms are possible Wednesday & Thursday, mainly in the mornings and afternoons Hot over the weekend before showing signs of cooling down early next week KANSAS CITY'S MOST ACCURATE FORECAST Tuesday: Partly to mostly cloudy with a stray shower possible in the afternoon.

Black Pumas - Confines is the song of the day and keep scrolling for more headlines . . .

Local Crash Tragedy

1 killed, 2 injured after stolen jeep driver blows through stop sign in Kansas City

by: FOX 4 Newsroom Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A person is dead, and two people, including a baby, are injured after the driver of a stolen jeep caused a multi-vehicle crash by blowing through a stop sign on August 10. Officers responded at 7:22 p.m.

Kansas City Confronts Supply Chain Challenges

Grocer describes challenge of starting up during a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic isn't stopping entrepreneurs from starting new businesses. The city of Kansas City, Missouri, has seen a surge in the number of people applying for or renewing business licenses, including a new Midtown Market grocery store near East 40th and Main streets.

Kansas Cash Crunch

Kansas Teachers Could Owe Their Schools Thousands If They Quit Over Coronavirus Concerns

WICHITA, Kansas - Kansas teachers that don't feel safe going back to crowded hallways as schools reopen could take medical leave or teach online. But at the many districts that don't have those options, teachers eye another choice: quitting. Resigning would mean more than losing steady paychecks during a recession and insurance during a pandemic.

Teachable Moments Abound Amid Harsh Times

COVID-19 has some local families considering college tuition insurance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kim Davis couldn't be more proud of her daughter Kylee, who is about to become a senior in high school. "I want to be a physician's assistant," Kylee said. And while Kim Davis encourages her teen to follow her dreams, this mom also recognizes that a degree in the health care [...]

Pandemic Heart Probs Threaten NextGen Athletes

COVID-19-related heart condition could affect athletes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Health officials nationwide - and in the Kansas City metro - are warning about heart condition in recovering COVID-19 patients that could have more of an effect on athletes. Myocarditis, which inflames the heart muscle, is being called the "breaking news" of coronavirus.

Granny Pens Life Lessons

Grandmother writes book to help children cope with COVID-19

Coronavirus discussions with small kids can be very difficult. That's why one grandmother sat down and wrote a children's book to help explain it to them.The book, Grandma Tells Why, is about why things happen."It's a why book. Why can't I go to school? Why can't I go to soccer practice?

Golden Ghetto Back To School Consideration

SMSD school board discusses reopening plan

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The majority of parents in the Shawnee Mission School District prefer that their children attend school in person this fall, according to a survey shared at Monday's board of education meeting. The SMSD board discussed its 2020-21 school year budget and reopening plan, showing the results of the survey.

COVID Tech Solution

With KCKPS starting virtually, program to help homeless students working even harder

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - For students across the metro, going back to school may mean staying home, but what if you don't have one? Kansas City, Kansas, School District's McKinney-Vento Program aims to help homeless students. KCKPS will begin the school year with 100% virtual learning.

Heartland Farmers Need Fed Cash To Keep Growing

Help From Uncle Sam Isn't Reaching All Farmers In The Midwest

When you walk into Cyndy Ash's barn, one of the first things you notice is a huge burlap sack, bursting at the seams with wool."We're sitting on about 600 lbs of wool from when they were sheared last. And it's been sitting there since they were sheared in March," Ash says.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

More "Stable Genius" claims from the guy who brags about scoring 100% on a test entitled... "Do YOU Have Dementia?"!

C'mon, Donny-Poo, call Kamala Harris some more Schoolyard Bully nicknames, will ya?

Bandit said...

"Fees to pay for new KCI terminal could increase if business travel stays down"

Bullcrap to English translation: Even though we didn't need a new airport, it's going to be over budget, we were going to raise fees anyway and coronavirus is the most convenient excuse.

Pendergast would be so proud of what Kansas City has become.

Anonymous said...

"Trump: 'George Washington would have had a hard time beating me before the plague came in'"

"Trump says Americans will be forced to ‘learn Chinese’ if Biden wins"

Could he be more insane? And yet he could pull it off again. Weird.

Bandit said...

The TDS is strong with that one.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yes, Baby Burt, the Trump Dementia Symptoms are getting stronger!

Anonymous said...

He doesn't need to.

Her history of sleeping her way to the top with a married man 35 years her senior speaks for itself.


Anonymous said...

As Cucker Tarlson said after he mispronounced Kamala's name, "So What?"!

You worship the most amoral Whoremonger to ever dirty the floors of the White House.

Charlie Horse said...

Hope Camela saved her knee pads from servicing wee Willey Brown's monster slong. Slow Joe's will be much shorter.

Anonymous said...

Except for Bill Clinton, probably. Lol

Bandit said...

Call her whatever you want. She's still Kamala Ferraro. She'll be working as a Fox News commentator after she faceplants.

Anonymous said...

Kamala Harris loves senior citizens!

I mean, this feminist hero was servicing Ol' Wille's wilie when she was in her twenties and he was in his sixties. That's dedication folks!

A role model all women can identify with right? I mean your hero definitely should be someone who slept her way up. Women love that kind of thing!

Bandit said...

Kamela Ferraro went down on Willie Brown's willy faster than Slick Willy's pants went down in the Oval Office. She's going to be a big disappointment to all the little Marxists out there. She isn't likable. Ig she was she would have done better in the primaries. Don't let that stop you from backing a slut that slept her way into office though. The comedic value when it crashes will be GOLD!

Clayton Bigsby said...

What the fuck is a Megan Thee Stallion

Clayton Bigsby said...

Cardi B is a fine example of why the blacks cling to racism

Anonymous said...

Check it out on Google Translate (African Languages tab)...
"Megan Thee Stallion" is the Kikuyu term for
"Ugly Whore with Gigantic Fat Ass"

Anonymous said...

11:02 that’s funny right there! Hahahahaha!

Cammie Harris isn’t even African American, she’s Jamaican and Asian. But people are too stupid to know these simple facts like the only thing good about her is when she was ag for Cali, she put pot smokers in prison and gave them long sentences and then extended them to use as free labor for the state, I mean I love love love that part about her. She’s a freakin hard ass on criminals.

Anonymous said...

Halfricans are still black. Ask Obama.

Anonymous said...

You can call her Madam Vice President Elect.

Anonymous said...

Yo-Semite, Learn Chinese???

I'd settle for Individual One learning English. He certainly doesn't have the "best words" in that big uh brain.

Anonymous said...

You can, but it would be more accurate to call her Willie Brown's Mouth Massage Provider.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Amazing,fits right to a tee