Saturday, August 01, 2020

Kansas City Election Preview Week In Review

Mainstream news conversation on the scaled back GOTV weekend underway and a few local political fights worth having.


"Nick Haines, Eric Wesson, Steve Kraske, Micheal Mahoney and Dave Helling preview key issues and races from next week's primary elections in Kansas and Missouri including medicaid expansion, Kansas U.S. Senate race, Kansas 2nd and 3rd District races, Jackson County Sheriff and Wyandotte County District Attorney."

Take a look . . .

Developing . . .


Censorship Is For Pussies said...

Tony used to have comment threads after every news story and would go weeks without censoring comments. Maybe wittle Tony's been under the weather.

Anonymous said...


As we suspected, last week's absence of The KC Star dominating this program was just a red herring.

Nick Haines, WIR, and KCPT are back in full liberal propaganda mode with the return of Helling and Kraske. Toss in Wesson and Mahoney and you have a decidedly lop-sided representation of guests.

Wait a minute! Wasn't Ruckus cancelled after liberal snowflakes were micro-aggressed by Shanin's consistently balanced panel of 2 on the Right vs. 2 on the Left? KCPT leadership is absolutely biased and discriminatory. Their actions prove this claim.

Helling = Liberal Democrat hypocrite who resides in JOCO Kansas while hanging on to his propagandist position on the bankrupt KC Star editorial board.

Kraske = Liberal Democrat hypocrite who resides in JOCO Kansas, former Star editorial board member, now broadcasting liberal propaganda from KCUR, and infecting young minds at UMKC.

Besides personally contributing to the bankruptcy and failure of the KC Star parent company, please take a moment to reflect upon the decades worth of bad editorials from Helling and Kraske attempting to steer KCMO into the INEFFICIENT, HIGH TAX, FAILING INFRASTRUCTURE, RACIALLY DIVIDED, INCOMPETENT LEADERSHIP, HIGH CRIME/VIOLENCE, CORRUPTION AS A WAY OF LIFE, current morass in which a psychologically unbalanced narcissist who owns no real estate in KCMO, has no children in KCMO schools, who worked a diversity hire position in Lawrence KS, whose campaign was funded by JOCO dollars, is now the SJW BLM Mayor of KCMO.

WEAK IN REVIEW: The program that goes "Welsh On The Deal" to objectively inform KC metro residents without injecting their own political bias.

Anonymous said...

I did not watch it. Waiting for Ruckus; me and my checkbook. Douchebags. Thank you, 10:48, for your good description.