Saturday, August 29, 2020

Kansas City All Takeout Era Begins

As financial pressures grow, Kansas City restaurateurs can't afford to wait for the pandemic to end and instead we're seeing town radically change the idea of a restaurant.


In Their Struggle To Survive The Coronavirus Pandemic, Kansas City Restaurateurs Are Rethinking The Business Of Serving Food

Amy Marcus was furloughed from her job at the outset of the pandemic in March. She'd worked at Sura Eats in Parlor for a couple of years, both helping in the kitchen and running social media. As a professional photographer and cooking enthusiast, the job fit Marcus well.


Anonymous said...

No mask, no hair net, no top to keep sweat drippings from her pits out of the food, how disgusting.

Anonymous said...


Thanks to the partisan chicanery of Lucas and Archer, thousands of KCMO residents have been forced to the bread lines.

Charlie Horse said...

No gloves? Does she think she's working the pizza making line at Costco?

Anonymous said...

It's fun to make sandwiches for a bunch of shitheads!

Anonymous said...

Eating out has just been the pits for so long... people can save a ton by watching you tube videos. Perfect every time. Savings.