Friday, August 21, 2020

Desperate Kansas City Foodies Share Late Summer Social Distancing Dining List

Coronavirus has decimated the Kansas City restaurant scene and their hype machine . . . Here's an effort to restart local hype for luxury fare whilst everybody else gets by on takeout.

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Kansas City's Best Patios, Sidewalk Seating and Parklets For Socially Distanced Dining

Thanks to the Kansas City, Missouri, City Council, which approved a new set of ordinances in May, local restaurants are now able to expand their seating into adjoining parking lots, onto sidewalks or to even build custom parklets to create additional outdoor seating through the end of this year.


Anonymous said...

And what good is this going to do, not to mention how stupid it is these place are already suffering and on the verge of closing. The burbs are booming and no one is getting sick. Oh I always wanted to eat in a parking lot, how nice.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet you never go anywhere but Bob Evans. Weird.

Anonymous said...

But Chimpy! You only get bananas in the zoo!

Poor Chimpy.

Anonymous said...

Unemployed boomer hater, weird Chimpy's pissed. No watermelon nor fried chicken at the zoo. Only fat fleas off his family.

Anonymous said...

^^and you're his biggest fan. You can't live with out him. Super weird.

Anonymous said...

You city folks can come to the burbs as long as you don’t destroy property and can be kind to others. If you can’t, stay in KC.