Thursday, July 02, 2020

South Kansas City Suffers Crime Spike

Community news roundup and one of many neighborhoods that doesn't seem to be interested in "defunding" police.

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South KC Sees Surge of Violence in 2020

KCPD Deputy Chief Karl Oakman discusses violent crime statistics in Kansas City during a town hall conversation, led by Center Planning's Stacey Johnson-Cosby. Violent crime is on the rise in South Kansas City with the community seeing 13 murders in 2020.


Anonymous said...

Because you know who is moving into the area

Anonymous said...

^^^^ exactly, they’re like locusts, they fly in one day, destroy everything in sight and move on to the next victim, I mean city. Those people are mentally deficient.

Anonymous said...

It's simple chief Karl....Take a good look at BLM idiot!

Anonymous said...

It only takes one...ummm...bad apple....?

Anonymous said...

stacey's shocked....WOW maybe if she actually listened to the officers attending one of her many meetings she'd have a clue of what is happening in her own backyard