Thursday, July 30, 2020


Renewed opposition against this embattled politico attempting withstand the progressive onslaught amid campaign 2020. Checkit:

Protest outside Missouri Governor's Mansion ends with arrests, use of pepper spray

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KY3) - An afternoon protest in Missouri's capital city ends with several arrests and the use of pepper spray. Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the Governor's Mansion on Thursday to protest a crime bill that Gov. Parson signed into action earlier this month.


Anonymous said...

Good I love seeing arrests starting to take place. Q Ball should have been arrested also a couple of weeks back.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, about time these children be made to face adult life.

Anonymous said...

More of these clowns would have been arrested if taking them into custody depended on them explaining what was actually contained in the bill the governor signed.
The "protesting" has quickly turned into a farce.
Tomorrow there'll be another one.
They'll be protesting Friday.

Byron Funkhouser said...

So sad to see these people being arrested. After all, most of them have no clue why they are protesting. The Democrat government has shut down their schools and jobs, so they have nothing to do, but then the corrupt cops come out and arrest them for breaking the law! Shame! Shame on the police for giving them an opportunity to protest all they wanted on the sidewalk, but then arresting them when they moved into the streets. How awful! And the horrible tear gas again! WHen will we ban tear gas and just let cops go back to using bullets? BAN TEAR GAS. USE BULLETS INSTEAD.

Anonymous said...

maybe they should've shown up in camo with rifles strapped across the shoulder. wouldn't have been arrested or pepper sprayed.

Anonymous said...

Get out of the street, morons.