Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Remembering When The Pitch Mattered

Really fun WAYBACK article offers newsie perspective of THE OLD PITCH and its humble roots before corporate news chains and a pair of party planners ruined it.

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An Oral History of The Pitch: Through highs, lows, and different kinds of highs, here's 40 years in our own words

The Penny Lane staff celebrates Hal Brody's birthday. // Photo courtesy of Hal Brody In the beginning there was a record store. A dubious publisher. An editor named Warren Stylus, who existed only on the masthead. Some eager, talented writers. A lot of coffee and booze.


Anonymous said...

EVERY time I see the PITCH, I hear Michael Jackson and George Michael of Wham singing we are the World. It's a sick world. Having any of that shit in your head.

Anonymous said...

^^You bore us.

Anonymous said...

The Pitch hasn’t mattered since the 90’s. It was alright sometimes good when CJ Janovy and Tony Ortega was still around. But once Ortega left it has sucked ever since.

But the Pitch hasn’t mattered since Herne “Hanging from the rafters” Christopher was there. Last time they truly were an alternative to the Star or your local fish wrap like the Sun or Examiner. They did do stories that looked at KC through another POV.

Anonymous said...

I used to enjoy reading their personal ads, including: Men Seeking Men; Women Seeking Women; and somehow, almost inexplicably, Alternative Lifestyles. Men Seeking Sheep, maybe. Fast forward to today - Alternative Lifestyles would have two components - Men Seeking Women and Women Seeking Men.

Anonymous said...

^^^ And, like in the 60s, 70s 80s 90s and this Century, you still couldn't get laid!