Monday, July 13, 2020

Kansas Dude Threatened With Jail If He Breaks Coronavirus Quarantine

Here's a glimpse at authorities MAKING UP THE RULES AS THEY GO ALONG and a sign that the pandemic has some officials taking advantage of their power.

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Linn County man told he could be jailed if he violates mandatory quarantine

PLEASANTON, KS (KCTV) -- A rural Kansas county that opted out of the governor's mask order is now threatening to put people in jail for violating mandatory quarantine. Ian Peery is going on day four of not being allowed to leave his property in Pleasanton.


Anonymous said...

If masks work then why can't he just agree to wear a mask and leave his property?

BUT THE REAL TAKE AWAY IS...that he never even has been tested let alone tested positive...all he did was he attend a party where someone else who supposedly tested positive attended.

The real mind fuck is that is that if he experiences as much as a running nose or sore throat (allergy symptoms) he is then counted as a new "positive" case whether he ever is tested or not.

This is what contact tracing is - if you went to quick trip about the time someone else who tested positive did they will try to quarantine you too.

This is a political and psychological mind fuck perpetrated by power hungry freaks who want to control you.

Super Dave said...

Linn County man needs to find a good lawyer. He hasn't even been tested. This is government over stepping their boundaries.

Anonymous said...

There is not even an excuse to not test him now. There are plenty of test kits available. Instead they would rather just stomp on him because it satisfies their primitive will to dominate and gives them something to do.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's that you are a death cult lunatic.

Anonymous said...

By the time the court hears the case and a $2000 lawyer bill the quarantine period would be over and it's a crap shoot if he has a case