Monday, July 06, 2020

Kansas Conservatives Hate Masks

More push back on a mandate from Guv Kelly that contradicts other mainstream data . . .

NPR: Widespread Use Of Face Masks Could Save Tens Of Thousands Of Lives, Models Project

The think-tank counterpoint:

Mask mandates not driven by data - The Sentinel

Government proponents of mask mandates say they're driven by data, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says cloth and surgical masks "will not protect the wearer against airborne transmissible infectious agents due to loose fit and lack of seal or inadequate filtration."


Byron Funkhouser said...

Once again, you wear a mask to protect others from your spit.

It won't keep you safe from other people's spit.

If everyone wears a mask, no one gets spit on.

Anonymous said...

My n95 masks have always worked great against super fine ground glass particles for years. I would guess they do a great job on viruses too.

Anonymous said...

Negative ghost rider. The virus particles are several orders of magnitude smaller than airborne particulates. N95 is like using a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out. Does literally nothing. OSHA recognizes this. But yes, we must believe the party science, all other science is bad. All are equal except those more equal than others. Amiright comrade?

Anonymous said...

N95 uses an electrostatic charge to capture virus particles many many times smaller than tiny airborn industrial particles. This is why its so hard to make n95 masks in great numbers. The special electrostatic material is very hard to make in quantity. An n95 mask actually can filter and hold about 99% of all virus particles if someone sick sneezes right in your face. The material is basically a complex maze, and its electrically charged. So it catches almost everything. You can also purchare n98 and n100 masks that filter out even more than an n95. Or a r95 mask that is inpervious to water or oil vapors. It has added activated charcoal layers to filter out vapor.

Anonymous said...

masks good, not perfect.

got something better?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we all have N95 masks available to us by now for maximum protection of ourselves and others?
Especially before opening everything back up!

Anonymous said...

Q: How can masks work when the virus is smaller than the filtering size?

A: Most COVID viral particles are contained in larger airborne respiratory droplets. These droplets ARE large enough to be trapped in the layers of a cloth mask, thereby reducing the inhaled dose.

Isolated free floating viral particles will not be stopped by a cloth mask, but they are less likely to be infectious because the lipid outer coat of the virus is fragile and dries out in air, and because the viral concentration is way less than in droplets.

Cloth masks are not 100% effective, but they will reduce transmission risk by trapping and filtering droplets. There are decent studies showing masks plus handwashing reduce transmission rates seasonal flu.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 7:12 AM. You would think what you pointed out should convince a reasonable person to wear a mask for the bare minimum of showing RESPECT for the lives of others. This only works if we all are one force against an enemy, no matter the size of the enemy. Not asking to fight a war with guns, bayonets and hand to hand combat in a foreign land, just wear a mask around others. Respect.

Anonymous said...

It was clear from the beginning that only the n95 rated masks were effective enough. If there was no seal there was not much protection. Now Fauci is pushing the cloth masks. They are a fraud. He knows damn well they don't work. It's all Covid theater. The paper disposable masks don't work either and he said that early. People are being fed a line of bs. If they pushed N95 masks things would be very different. Fauci has zero credibility now. They won't make a real difference in slowing the spread. Remember, they never said the covid spread could be stopped. Only slowed. It's going to have its way with us no matter what we do. That just does not make a good news story.

Anonymous said...


If the coronavirus was an actual grave (pun) threat, Americans would have been advised to wear PPE outside the home, starting back in mid-March (the national emergency declaration).
Instead, the President, VP, Cabinet, Surgeon General, Drs. Fauci/Birx, Pentagon, and media, chose NOT to wear PPE in public and advised Americans that doing so was unnecessary.
The Secret Service did NOT mandate that those working in the White House and meeting with the President wear a mask. Their #1 responsibility is to protect the life of the President.
Being exposed to the virus is not a bad thing for most healthy Americans, it's how you build immunity.
Do you get a flu shot every year and wear a mask in public? Why not?
The mask mandates, the school shutdowns, the economic shutdowns, the social distancing, the political grandstanding, all the mixed messaging, etc., is designed to provide the illusion that authorities have a clue as to what they're doing. Most do not.

Bottom line, YTD in KCMO, how many people have died from COVID-19?
Answer: 34, with the majority being elderly.
This is NOT indicative of a pandemic or an epidemic, rather it's very much like what KCMO experiences with the seasonal flu.

By wearing a mask in public and social distancing, they've coerced you to voluntarily gag yourself and avoid congregating with others to exchange information. You are a slave Neo!!!