Thursday, July 09, 2020


The high hopes of stoners across the metro have been realized.

Just now . . .

The ordinance decriminalizing marijuana in Kansas City just passed 9-4.

KCTV5: "The City Council voted on Thursday to decriminalize marijuana, removing “possession or control of marijuana” as a violation of city ordinance.

"Sponsors of the amendment said removing possession entirely from the city ordinances was about justice. Mayor Quinton Lucas said eliminating the law could improve community-police relations. The move was also sponsored by councilmembers Brandon Ellington, Melissa Robinson, Lee Barnes and Ryana Parks-Shaw. They said the county and state are clear on marijuana laws and the city does not need to impose any additional fines."

More . . .

KMBC: City of Kansas City removes marijuana violations from city code

Fox4: The council's decision does not make marijuana legal in Kansas City. State and federal law still apply, and people can still be charged under those systems.

KSHB: Mayor Quinton Lucas said 90% of the municipal tickets written for marijuana are issued in Jackson County, while prosecutors in Platte and Clay counties, which also includes parts of KCMO, told Lucas this week it's unlikely first offenders would face a heavy fine.

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Anonymous said...

Cool dude

Anonymous said...

Reality, personal use hasn't really been enforced for half a decade. Interesting to see city hall play catch up.

Anonymous said...

We all knew this would happen under Mayor Gets High.

Anonymous said...

It's funny they call this a racial equity issue. Sooo..... black leaders are saying black people just sit around and smoke weed. Wow.

Anonymous said...

^^^ What a great argument. For your own stupidity. They have talked about unequal enforcement. You're lying in your comment. You must be high if you think anybody would actually believe your flimsy argument.

Anonymous said...

Mayor McDruggerson's natural constituency heard from!

Anonymous said...

Finally came to their senses. If someone is going to smoke weed, go ahead. If someone wants to patronize a sex provider, do it. Make it legal and safer.
Control it and tax the hell out of it.

Anonymous said...

But not in KCMO, too many racists, and they all hate White People!

Anonymous said...

It’s funny how the same folks that shout out if you don’t like a law then change it or say the police can only enforce laws not make them are now the same ones saying oh what a travesty. The world is not coming to an end and the change will hardly be noticed.

Cgc said...


Write that again when you're not high.

As for this decision.

Great! Maybe keeps my useless stoner cousins out of trouble until they move up to even worse drugs.

They call it dope for a reason.

Think about it!

Anonymous said...

So now you don't have to listen to the police when they try to enforce a curfew order by the mayor.
You can smoke weed.
You don't have to pay your rent.
Now if Lucas and the gang could just eliminate consequences for robbery, burglary, looting, arson, and maybe even non-fatal shootings, KCMO could really get it's crime and violence problem under control.
On paper, at least.
Call the New York Times!

Anonymous said...

Unequal enforcement? I doubt it. So many more blacks get charged with marijuana possession than whites, hispanics or (heh) asians. That's probably because the statistics do not differentiate between marijuana possession busts which are part of another crime, versus marijuana busts which are the only offense. (I.e. carjacking + marijuana, shoplifting + marijuana.)

Control for other crimes. What is the racial breakdown of marijuana charges where there is no other charge than possession of marijuana. Most likely there is no racial disparity.

As usual, BLM having fun with statistics and a City Council who plays along.

Dishonest. Both.

Anonymous said...

Legal Weed, High murder rate and non accreditation school system. The mayor and his liberal leaders are sure showing us how its done.

Anonymous said...

Cool... Now lets outlaw MURDER. Idiots.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Republicans sure do get hysterical.

Either legalize marijuana or prohibit alcohol.

I thought they believed in small government & personal freedom?