Thursday, July 02, 2020


Hottie Paris was recently seen looking FABOOSH in her mask and so the good people of the Golden Ghetto opted in today.

The vote courtesy of our BEST & BRIGHTEST readers:

Chair - Ed Eilert - Yes
1st - Becky Fast - Yes
2nd - James Allen - Yes
3rd - Steven Klika - No
4th - JaneƩ Hanzlick - Yes
5th - Michael Ashcraft - Abstain
6th - Mike Brown - No

Take a look . . .

KMBC: Johnson County to follow state of Kansas mask mandate. . . The Kansas mask requirement takes effect at 12:01 a.m. Friday.

KCUR: Kansas Doctors Say Wear A Mask Or Brace For Coronavirus Numbers To Keep Going Up

Channel 9 also reports buy in from this "perfect" suburb: Prairie Village will require face masks in public spaces

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Utterly fucking ridiculous. Once again, I'm reminded that Johnson has now gone full idiot.

Anonymous said...

The youngsters will ignore it and still party where they can find a place where masks aren't required. They want to keep spreading the disease because they don't care about anybody but themselves. This is why there's a big uptick in cases -- the bars being open and the protests.

Anonymous said...

Endorsed it with rainbow gay glitter for the Carpet licker. Yep, they did.

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago at Ace hardware. a customer walking by sneezed right in my face. I was wearing a surgical mask. I have not been sick. But rude people dont care and will thoughlessly sneeze on you. If everyone masks up, it wont be such an issue.

Anonymous said...

And yet three dumbass commish's voted NO or Abstain. Well next vote I get on them won't be abstain or yes.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Planning on committing a little voter fraud?

You know nothing about the county officials and government structure. You can't vote on all of them.

Eilert as at large is the only one that the entire county votes on.

The others each represent their own district.

Shocker - Anti-maskers Brown and Klika represent the rubes in the southern sections of the country. Ashcraft abstained and his district is south/central area. The others voting to protect people and keep businesses open and safer are in central and north Joco, where all the county revenues are generated.

Anonymous said...

Why do Trump supporters hate businesses?

Why are they doing everything they can to ensure another lockdown with another round of massive layoffs in a few weeks?

Every Republican needs to go this November. They are pushing this economy and the country off a cliff. Put the grownups back in charge.

Anonymous said...

^^ Surely you meant Democrat ? or else you haven't followed politics in the last 40 years. Besides welfare and crime, democrats are not too good at stimulating business growth beyond their own pockets. Btw- all leading democrat politicians are millionaires while your dumb ass is not. you figure it out. So are the heads of all democrat ran businesses. Why did they leave you and negroes behind? LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mike Brown's tiny penis got quite the workout yesterday with all the erections from his minions whooping and hollering in the gallery. He makes fucking sick.

Anyone who knew him in school I would love to take to you so you could tell me stories of how he was bullied. Makes so much sense for how he treats others today.