Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Dumpy Kansas City Hurting NextGen

Environmental note about the consequences of this trashy town over the long term . . . Moreover, Mayor Sly did make a concerted effort to crack down on dumping but Mayor Q is a bit too busy fighting for social justice and dealing with the pandemic to keep up the anti-dumping campaign.

Even worse . . . Everybody keeps ignoring TKC's longstanding suggestion to bring back regularly scheduled bulky item pickup that actually helped to curb the explosion in illegal dumping.

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Is Illegal Dumping Adversely Affecting the Health of Some Kansas City Schoolchildren?

Kansas City officials want to improve the cleanliness and safety of neighborhoods around schools in six urban core zip codes and endorsed a proposal today to study the costs of implementing automatic bulky item pickup in those areas.


Anonymous said...

Well, parks & rec put up some nifty signs near a popular dump site north of the river. They are about 12 feet up on the light pole and some pretty teensy letters you can barely read. But, we have noticed that the dumpers have moved to locations where there are no signs at all. Mission accomplished, KC Parks & Rec.

Anonymous said...

TKC is absolutely right, there should be a regular bulky item pickup and an increase in the number of trash bags allowed. Two bags of trash aren't enough for residents.

Anonymous said...

Don’t spend money on a study of the trash. Spend money on cleaning up the trash.

Right on about making large item and trash pickup easier.