Saturday, June 20, 2020

Wildcat Coronavirus Outbreak Sparks Football Workout Crackdown At K-State

It's looking like college football will likely have to take a pause this season . . . Here's a local indication that some schools don't have pandemic under control . . . Checkit:

Kansas State shuts down football workouts after positive COVID-19 tests, LSU reportedly has 'at least 30' in quarantine

Kansas State has paused all workouts for football players as positive COVID-19 tests have increased at the university. The school announced Saturday that, as of June 19, 14 of the 130 athletes tested have tested positive. As a result, the school has paused football workouts for a period of 14 days.


Anonymous said...

Well, they’re not worth a fuck anyway. Still way better than KU, but KU should probably get out of the Big 12. KU is only good at basketball, which they cheat at. K State isn’t worth a fuck at any sport.

Anonymous said...

And what's your championship school, champ? And did you actually take part in winning a championship for them, or did you just eat refried beans and chips before soiling your thong?

Anonymous said...

K State may not be very good but at least they’re not as bad as KU.

Anonymous said...

@631, soiling your thong? You must base your pride on winning laciest panties or most BJs given under the bleachers. What a fag.