Saturday, June 06, 2020

Show-Me 'Techlash' Winning Strategy From Missouri Senator Hawley

Americans increasingly hate the tech they use throughout the day . . . Here's a glimpse at how Missouri's Conservative noob is making that work to his advantage:

As techlash heats up again, here's who's stoking the fire

As controversies around online speech rage against a backdrop of racial tension, presidential provocation and a pandemic, a handful of companies, lawmakers and advocacy groups have continued to promote a backlash against Big Tech. The big picture: Companies like Facebook and Google got a reputational boost at the start of the coronavirus lockdown, but that respite from criticism proved brief.


Anonymous said...

Well babble me timbers!

Anonymous said...

Just a neocon trying to get on the 2024 potus ticket. Guy has a new "cause" every other day. What a disappointment!!!

Anonymous said...

Hawley cannot be a 2024 Presidential Candidate, the Koch Family already has their own employee, Pompeo, funded for that race.