Wednesday, June 24, 2020


In the midst of a historic local homicide spike and culture war push back against law enforcement this community wants to seek alternative solutions to crime other than police involvement . . . Read more:

Indian Mound Neighborhood board issues letter distancing themselves from KCPD

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Indian Mound Neighborhood Association in northeast Kansas City, Missouri said it's up to them to solve issues in their community and should not rely on the Kansas City, Missouri, Police for everything.


Anonymous said...

Then don’t call 911

Bryan M. Stalder said...

It's fake news. Manny Abarca made this up to feel relevant. Four people wrote this letter without discussing it with a single Indian Mound resident.

Indian Mound residents have removed the board members from the crime watch groups and we will continue to report crimes and call 911.

Anonymous said...

no loss, even if they witnessed the crime they didn't see anything when asked

Anonymous said...

LOL the stupidity of the left is so ridiculous it's hard to tell the difference between fact and satire.

Byron Funkhouser said...

You sold your soul to the Dump.

How's that working out for you?

Still winning?

Anonymous said...

Why yes Byron; my 401k looks great thanks to Trump !

Trump has also kept us out of any foreign wars and brought the troops home.

Unemployment was only 2% before the Democrat Party and their left-wing media went hysterical with Corona Virus and the economy was totally shut down for three months.

Now the Communist Democrat Party has resorted to anarchy, looting and riots to try to destroy the country.

Statues of our great forefathers, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln have been defaced and destroyed.

Communist Democrat Party is attacking American Christianity by defacing Catholic, Methodist and Episcapol Cathedrals have been and defaced by Communist Democrats. They are now calling Jesus a racist.

You should be real proud of your party for unleashing BLM and ANTIFA on the American populace to illegally try to seize power.

The Democrat Party is no longer the party of Roosevelt, Truman and JFK but rather the Communist Party of Lenin, Mao and Stalin. There will be civil war as the majority of Americans will not accept Communism.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Byron is a fraud and a retard. Just ignore him . He hates everyone because he ran out of money June 10th. He hates himself more than he hates even Trump.

Anonymous said...

Good. Please don’t waste my tax dollars, don’t call 911.

Anonymous said...

Lived on N. White in the '70's. Several mounds were pillaged to almost the ground. At least a couple have been 'rebuilt'. Dare you to find bones in them.

Anonymous said...

Poor Byron receives more replies of hate. Never praise. Never notices that part. Byron runs nothing but his fingers.

Hyperblogal said...

I am a resident of Indian Mound. This pronouncement does not even come close to representing my views. This manifesto is being promulgated by four individuals with a slim grasp of reality. A kumbaya moment where all we need to do to get rid of a drug house is to sing a hymn on the porch.