Friday, June 12, 2020

Nobody Wants To Visit KC Amid Civil Unrest And Continued Coronavirus

The tourism economy of Kansas City continues to implode despite the best laid plans of politicos, developers and civic cheerleaders.

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Kansas City tourism businesses navigate uncertain future

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Businesses in the tourism industry, including hotels and museums, are beginning to reopen and hope visitors will return after several months of shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in the 18th and Vine District announced plans to reopen next week with restrictions in place.


Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to visit kc anyway, bye bye bbq joints, nobodies coming here anymore

Anonymous said...

You mean all those millions and millions of residents of KCMO suburbs who are counted as "tourists" aren't continuing to drive through town?
Looks like some other kinds of imaginative math might be needed.
These folks should check with the people who run THE streetcar for some ideas.
Working remotely is going to put the real hurt on commercial real estate and the tourist/convention business is right behind.
Just keep increasing the property and sales taxes for the people who actually live in KCMO. The 80%+ of the folks who live in the rest of the metro have plenty of options.
Way safer, too!

Anonymous said...

I would not call it an uncertain future. Looks pretty set in stone from here.

Does KC have financial problems, Mayor Lucas? Time to lay off employees. Start with the convention and tourism flacks.

Anonymous said...

This is true. I worked in the hotel business for years and got maybe one compliment on KC. My relatives who lived in Vegas hated to come back here because of the black people, crime and failed infrastructure. Only very depressed poverty stricken cities are as bad a KC. It was really embarrassing so I used to agree with them even the Plaza was turning into The Landing.

Anonymous said...

will the hotels survive?

if they can hang on, after the vaccine, there'll be lots of tourists in kansas city.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City has become a complete clown show.

Democrat Party leadership at its finest !

If you are a vendor; you better collect your bill from the City of Kansas City ASAP as KC is rapidly approaching bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

look, Kansas City's protests make it the city, the city where things happen.

young refugees from iowa, nebraska, and arkansas seeking city life will come here.

and they're needed and welcome.

Retro ROCKER said...

Look at I 70 U.S.50 HWY,AND Mo,7 HWY, OF the People going to the Lake of the Ozarks. There are tens of thousands of people. You won't see them visiting the Plaza. The word is out. It's not safe The police will be Defunded,.

Mo Rage said...

News flash:

No one is going anywhere.

There's a pandemic.