Saturday, June 20, 2020

Kansas City Saturday News Layout

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Kansas City Golf Ace Soon To Accomplish Career Victory

After Nearly Three Decades of Planning, This Man Is Ready To Live His Dream Bringing Golf To Black Kids In Kansas City, Missouri

The bright summer sun is baking the grounds of Harris Park in Kansas City, Missouri, these days, and Chris Harris is finally seeing daylight in another sense. As the owner of Kansas City's only pitch-and-putt golf course-the longest hole on the four-hole course is 65 yards-on the block of 40th and Wayne in the Ivanhoe neighborhood, Harris is about to go all-in on a passion project he's been planning for nearly 27 years.

Waldo Shop Reimagined

Waldo Grain: From rural feed store to urban pet and seed store

Cover photo: Jon Goodwin still uses a wooden dolley from the 1930s to cart heavy loads to customers' cars. Photo by Kathy Feist By Jill Draper Waldo Grain Co. stands out as a throwback to another time, a red wooden barn that sits close to the shoulder of a busy stretch of Wornall Road at 78th Street.

Klan Continually Defeated

Hate strikes out: 95 years ago, Negro Leagues team defeated KKK squad in Kansas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One of the smallest exhibits at Kansas City's Negro Leagues Baseball Museum never fails to fascinate the museum's president, Bob Kendrick. "It falls into the category of, 'You can't make this up. It's too good,'" Kendrick said.

Kansas City Chiefs Footballer Preps For Stylish Comeback

From Skid Row to stardom, Chiefs' Frank Clark creates change - and a fashion line

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Even with a multi-million dollar contract, Frank Clark hasn't forgotten where he came from. "It's been a long road, you know, but it's been a road that I've been happy to travel. At the end of the day, nothing's been easy in my life, especially in my life.

CharMac Shares Healthy Advice Amid Continued Pandemic

How Charlotte McKinney Is Practicing Wellness During The Lockdown

Photo Credit: Catherine Harbour Actress and model Charlotte McKinney is taking the COVID-19 quarantine in stride. She's staying healthy through her dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan lifestyle, and using her platform with purpose to empower the way women feel about themselves. This isn't the actress' first brush with negativity, either.

Outbreak Among Prez Trump Campaign Loyalists

Six campaign staffers working on Tulsa rally test positive for coronavirus

The Trump campaign confirmed six staffers working on the Tulsa rally tested positive for coronavirus.

Tell-All Coming Soon

Judge denies Trump administration request to block John Bolton's book

WASHINGTON -- A federal judge on Saturday denied a request by the the Department of Justice to halt the sale and distribution of a forthcoming memo by former Trump national security advisor John Bolton. U.S.

Hong Gone Almost Gone

China to create controversial Hong Kong security bureau

China's state-run news agency announced the government's intentions to create a new national security bureau in Hong Kong Saturday, in a highly controversial move toward strengthening its security reach in the semi-autonomous region. Xinhua News Agency also reported that new regulations will require all bodies in Hong Kong's government, from finance to immigration, to directly report to the central government in China.

Meet The Most Powerful Lil Sis In The World

Kim Jong Un's 'Princess' sister is turning into the Terminator

Rocketman better watch out. His kid sister, nicknamed "Princess" in North Korea and sometimes referred to as the "Twisted Sister," is now acting more like the Terminator. Kim Yo Jong, all regal cheekbones and icy glare, ordered a joint liaison office for both North and South Korea blown up last week as part of an aggressive charge against South Korea - and by extension the United States.

Kansas City Wine Reopened

Find a taste of 'Wine Country' only a short drive away from the Kansas City metro

PAOLA, Kan. - You don't have to fly across America to visit wine country. About 45 minutes south of Kansas City, you'll find Somerset Ridge Vineyard and Winery. "We had customers in last weekend, and they sent a note to their friends in California saying, 'Sorry, you can't be with us.

Kansas City Star Serves Sizzling Hamburger Journalism

Chiefs' Mahomes asked Whataburger to come to KC metro. Now that wish is in the works

The beloved Texas-based burger chain has a cult following and a new owner who is looking to expand the brand beyond its current 10 states. It has drawn up a site plan for a freestanding spot in a KC suburb.

Weekend Forecast Changing

Spotty showers possible Saturday with sunshine in between


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Anonymous said...

"Six campaign staffers working on Tulsa rally test positive for coronavirus"

And the rally turned out to be a bust. Plenty of empty seats, Trump desperately tweeting "Seats still available" and canceling the scheduled "overflow address," since there was no overflow to address. In a word SAD.

This in a state he won by 36 points in 2016. There's trouble in River City.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Stupid troll

Anonymous said...

^^^And yet it's a fact. Weird!

Anonymous said...

Not a lick of rain today. All sunshine the entire day. Weather does have to accurate.

Anonymous said...

Weird how Biden sold the Negro out for years, you still worry about others . Weird . Weird as a two faced fuck.

Anonymous said...

I see Mahomes is asking Whataburger to come to Kansas City. They apparently are planning to opening Lee's Summit, not KC. Guess they didn't fall for the prime MLK jr. address on the Plaza right across from the MLK jr fountain. Staying off the demonstration Looting/Rioting circuit.

Anonymous said...

Trump's "It's All About Me" fest was poorly attended. What's up with his supporters?

Anonymous said...

How big a crowd did Sleepy Joe Biden get over the weekend? That's what I thought.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be very interesting to see how Biden's handlers lie with their reasons for Biden not having several (if any) debates with Trump, but the Democratic Party is the party of liars. Still waiting for Adam Schiff to come forward with his promised direct evidence of Trump-Russian collusion. Maybe he's hiding in the basement now with Biden.

Anonymous said...

Trump's back in his Bunker. Tom Petty's family is after him for unauthorized use of a song.

Anonymous said...

"Trump's Tulsa crowd went wild after he proved he could drink a glass of water with 1 hand."

Now if that's not worth another four years, I don't know what is!