Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Kansas City Racist Restroom Trolling Note Evokes Outage Among Workers

The American culture war now interrupts toilet time . . . Here's a glimpse at endless American divisions in the workplace and on the potty:

Workers at Johnson Controls angry after racist sign found in women's bathroom

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Workers past and present at a North Kansas City call center say they are outraged after a racist sign appeared in the work place. The sign was found early Monday morning by a janitor at Johnson Controls on 97th and Terrace.


Anonymous said...

That’s funny as hell. Colored people need to lighten up, no pun intended.

Anonymous said...

^^^ +100 ^^^

Anonymous said...

I have gone from being against racism (before Fkoyd's death and for a while after) TO NOW I COULDN'T CARE LESS!

I USED to complain on behalf of and have sympathy for those discriminated against because of their race but now that has evaporated. And I USED TO have sympathy for the Floyd family and friends but now that has evaporated too! I have had enough! Cancelled TV shows, destruction to public and private property, TV networks etc kissing the ass of racist BLM's (seriously, multiple TV networks (cancelled TV shows and banning a Oscar winning movie), colleges/universities and some other businesses need to gargle with mouthwash, apply Chapstick and get STI testing), flag banning and burning, colleges banning cops from using restrooms, abandonment of city property to the street mob and other BS. I'm waiting for some assholes to try re-naming WASHINGTON DC named after George Washington (a slave owner) and Christopher Columbus.

ENOUGH ALREADY, I'M DONE with all of it! NOW, I couldn't care less about if cops go "too far" any more or if race 'discrimination' happens (including black-on-black racism or black-on-Latino racism and other minority-on-minority racism, YES it DOES happen).

BTW, we STILL don't know if the neck cop did what he did BECAUSE Floyd was black or if it was just because the cop is an asshole in general and was on a 'power trip'.

Anonymous said...

^^ +1000!

Anonymous said...

I'm calling shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

Most likely a low-effort hoax, or someone's idea of a joke. Neither is unexpected or very significant.