Thursday, June 18, 2020

Kansas City Nurse Strike Part Deux

Kansas City healthcare worker pushback persists amid coronavirus harsh times. Here's one of many demonstrations across the metro since the pandemic started . . . Take a look:

Local nurses protesting changes at two hospitals, saying patient care will suffer

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Local nurses are raising their voices over a move at two local hospitals that they say will hurt patient care. Cars honked as nurses lined the sidewalk of Research Medical Center with signs like, "Put patients over profits."


Anonymous said...

The nurses at Research Hospital are wonderful and caring.

Sadly, management (HCA) and the arrogant doctors are not.

Witnessed dirty hallways, restrooms, gross cafeteria, stained carpets etc which was indicative that management was not investing in cleaning, maintenance, upgrades but rather lining their executive pockets from Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Doctors were invisible and the "transporters" that take patients from their rooms to tests were often callous and rough to patients.

Almost daily, security alarms were going off warning of intruders or missing patients. Complete zoo.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^And you don't think the nurses are responsible for any of this?

I agree, however, that HCA sucks, everywhere.

Anonymous said...

^ The nurses were the only ones who seem to care about the patients and their families.

The nurses have to spend 50% of their time inputting data in to the laptops instead of caring for the patients which appears to be a waste of time as clueless doctors walk in and ask family members what is wrong with the patient as the doctors obviously don't take time to review the computer data.

It appears a lot of doctors wander in a patient's room ask a few questions then bill Medicare for a visit. No wonder health care is so expensive.

Anonymous said...

^^Preach it, brother/sister.