Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Kansas City Golfers Stay Winning Over Bike/Walk Social Media Trickery

Here's a story that was pushed by about a dozen people but didn't garner much traction outside of a small but loud local clique . . . Read more:

South Kansas City Golf Course's Proposal To Expand Into Blue River Parkway Trails System Met With Resistance

The Oakwood Country Club in Kansas City, Missouri, has hit a nerve with a proposed expansion plan, angering outdoor enthusiasts and users of the nearby Blue River Parkway trails. A new ownership group at Oakwood, the oldest golf club in Jackson County which sits near U.S.


Anonymous said...

Real talk, I had no knowledge of these trails. They look fun. Any regular problems with the monochromatic folk out there? If I go, should I carry a sidearm?

Anonymous said...

Wait. Am I supposed to be surprised that KC government and a small portion of well-to-doers are pushing legislation through without first consulting the people of KC? Is this the same shock I was supposed to have when NTDF funds suddenly disappeared for at least 2 cycles and no one knew exactly where it went? Okay, hold on...lemme get my shocked face. This city is so corrupt it believes its own lies.