Sunday, June 21, 2020

Kansas City Father's Day Culinary Tribute

A nice bit of local history and a practical way to celebrate dad with a meal after this evening . . . Read more:

A Father's Day tribute and recipe by Jasper Mirabile

By D'Ann Dreiling "Father knows best", says Jasper Mirabile, Jr., owner of Jasper's Italian Restaurant, "and it was always 'modo mio' (my way). My dad cooked six days a week in his first restaurant at 75th and Wornall. On Sundays and holidays he cooked for the entire family, sometimes as many as 50 people.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Fathers day is racist as fuck. Since Blacks rarely have a father figure.

Anonymous said...

^^Wow, what a failure you turned out to be. You're father undoubtedly did a shitty job raising you!