Tuesday, June 30, 2020

K-State Wildcats Continue Football Boycott Against Racist Trolling Unchecked

Worthwhile roundup report that offers player perspective and a glimpse at this close-knit team arguing for social justice consequences amid divisive online discourse. Checkit:

Kansas State football players announce boycott after student's Floyd tweet

by: AP Wire Posted: / Updated: MANHATTAN, Kan. - Kansas State football players said they will boycott all team activities until administrators create a policy that would allow a student to be expelled for "openly racist, threatening or disrespectful actions."


Anonymous said...

Statement in question is 100% truthful.
Since when is free speech required to be respectful?
Criminals and druggies don't deserve respect.

Tired of the bullshit said...

Who gives a fuck? When I hear or see the word "demand" I turn off any attention paying to the asshole "demanding". 13% black thuggery victims tail continues to wag the 87% other folks dog. The student doesn't like blacks? So what? Neither do I.

Anonymous said...

Then don't play football you crybabies. Nobody gives a shit. At what point are the adults in the room (if there's any left) going to stand up and push back against this kind of blackmail? "Waa, I'm not playing football, waa, change the name of that big, bad fountain, waa, tear down those mean ol' statues. Oh, and if you don't meet all these demands we're gonna loot and burn stuff and block traffic." Most people I know are sick to death of this behavior and disruption.

Ignatius C Einstein said...

KSU footballers are acting like bullies. They have even gotten a former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces to cower behind his big desk in Manhattan. General Myers is afraid of students attending KSU. This man who when inducted into the US Army swore an oath to defend and protect the constitution of the United States and he has violated that pledge and vow. How? Well a KSU student has been unmasked as a re-poster of not really racial but surely moronic Face-booking in a post about George Floyd and his use of drugs or alcohol. It was wrong and simple minded, even stupid. It wasn't funny or even original material as he was "re-posting" another morons post. I think it is bad enough that one person did it but to re-post it is borderline unforgivable. The school punished the moron for his opinion and kicked him out of school. The KSU football team in a show of solidarity decided if the school allowed such material that they would boycott playing football. Apparently theses footballers think the school has control of what people post on Facebook. The football coach capitulated and acts like a sissy when he failed to have a teachable moment with the intellectually lower level athletes as did the College President General Richard Myers and what they have done through their capitulation is they as a public institution of higher learning and it's representatives(and none of that seems to be going on at KSU) is to violate the first amendment rights of the stupid student at KSU. I hope the ACLU takes this one on quickly and lets the footballers know that they may not be part of the violation of this students rights and if they fail to show up for football they would void their agreements in accepting scholarships and could be disciplined. This may even be an NCAA Violation. But back to Myers...he has violated his oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States when he violated this persons right to free speech and he should lose his military pension, his benefits associated with that pension and his rank of General and should have his starts ripped from his uniform. Governor Kelly should demand Myers relinquish his post as President and eliminate any state pension on the basis of his failure to protect a students first amendment rights.
Leaders can not just give into bullies, even football players and most of them aren't that good anyway.

Anonymous said...

Easy school to cross off anyone’s list.
Look what happen to MU after Melissa Click.
Many choices out there.
Athletes have gone Hollywood.
Big contracts are going going gone due to people hating baseball.
Let them get real jobs.
Find out what the fancy degree gets you nowadays.
Who would hire a malcontent?

Anonymous said...

If these "student athletes" think they're going to stay at K State using the "student" part of their identity instead of the "athlete" designation, they're sadly mistaken.
The public has gotten really tired of all these unproductive uninformed mobs making "demands" a long time ago.
Suit up or hit the road.

Anonymous said...

When a government sponsored university regulates speech it becomes a slippery slope. Free speech is worth protecting, even if it is spouting racism.

Anonymous said...

Geesus Einstein, you think anyone is going to read that diatribe.

Anonymous said...

7:51, it was a tasteless joke about a person who happens to be black. It said nothing about blacks in general. So was it racist because the butt of the joke was a black guy? Or is there another reason why you claim it was racist? Please specify.