Tuesday, May 12, 2020


The promise to fix this ongoing problem have all been in vain . . . Every week locals have to guess if they'll get benefits they've been promised from a system they've paid into all of their lives. Here's today's tragic update on a HISTORIC KANSAS TECH FAIL.

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Kansans report technical difficulties on new Pandemic Unemployment Assistance application site

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas Department of Labor went live Tuesday morning with a new application process for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program (PUA). Several Kansans told 41 Action News they experienced issues accessing the site Tuesday morning. Kansas City, Kansas, resident Denise Workman said she received an error message while trying to apply for the program.


gisuriel91@gmail.com said...

Well I had made a long message and the crap got deleted when I got a phone call ugh. Anyways unemployment a joke. It's been four weeks no pymt. After intital claim to a message from them that said I had been denied. Will receive letter in mail. Never got one. Then message went to would be getting letter they had a question for my separation . So I decided to call them. After calling 60 times I finally was placed on hold. After a hour of wait time I got thru. Seems I just got read from a que card mostly for my questions or I got answers that were to me far fr fetched. Judy stated I wouldn't be getting a letter. She says my claim was put in the fired basket I stated that was incorrect CZ right on app l put separation had to do with the Corona. She went on to say it was to late to do anything and I would need to wait til they called me with the hearing. I asked so I will get a letter saying what time and when!?!! Judy stated again no letter. I said how will I know when. Judy stated CZ I will need to be by my phone from 8-5 M-F, for 8-10 wks. Stated I wouldn't want to miss the call due to claim would take longer to process. This is ridiculous. I asked for supervisor Judy stated she would put this over to a supervisor to review the call. They don't actually physically call you back. WTH???? Come on this don't even seems reasonable, let alone would anyone expect to wait by phone 8-10 weeks CZ it could be any day they call back. Please help me. IRS done have my stimulus payment going to the wrong direct deposit table. Seems I wouldnt have any luck. So discouraged

Anonymous said...

They are more than a joke. A few years back they allowed a person to perform fraud against an elderly family member. Taking all the funds they has paid in. There answer in the end was " well, it's gone, someone else got it. " Sorry, but that is 100 percent their fault they paid it to a scammer, not the person that paid it in and was rightfully owed it. Head to the office in downtown kc if you want to see the problem. IT takes about 2 seconds to see the failure of a system. Why you don't just fill slots.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a shit experience. I hope things get better for you and you can get some unemployment relief.