Saturday, May 02, 2020

Kansas Guv Kelly's Husband Has AMAZING HAIRCUT SKILLZ Seyz Newspaper

Governor Kelly is getting torn apart online via because the Kansas Unemployment website is unreliable and has ABSOLUTELY FAILED GETTING PAYMENTS TO PEOPLE AS PROMISED.

The GOP Majority lambaste her reopen plan.

Because her policy and performance have been completely abysmal. The Kansas City Star chooses to focus on social media critics who have questions about her haircut.

It's easy to believe that her hubby has quite an impressive skill set in hair-cutting, doctors are generally good with their hands. What's more frustrating is that this local journalistic institution is playing such a cheap, partisan game during a crisis and ignoring bigger issues.

Take a peek:

Did Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly get illicit haircut before speech? She reveals her stylist

I watched Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly's ' back-to-work ' speech on her Facebook page, so was also treated to the cavalcade of comments, a cleaned-up version of which went something like this: "We need to get back to work, Komrade Kelly!" "Hey no fair, you got your hair cut!"


Anonymous said...

She couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch than those jayhawkers!

Anonymous said...

The governor's husband keeps both her ends neat and trim.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what you can do with scissors and a soup bowl!

Anonymous said...

The real shocker is that she has a husband.

Anonymous said...


You support Joe "#METOOGRABPUSSY" Biden, yet thought wild unsubstantiated claims from Justice Kavanaugh's high school/college years were valid claims that needed to be investigated.

And haven't we learned that it's sexist to comment on a female leader's dress or personal appearance, but there you go Melinda, doing the very thing that you lecture others to avoid.

greg said...

People, its easy and simple to cut hair. Go slow. Tiny cuts. Its easy.

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect example of the double standard by liberal media outlets like the Star. Republicans get gotcha questions like "Do you still beat your wife?" and Democrats get puff pieces about their hairstyle.

Kansas Scout said...

Nobody reads this TP anymore. There is no saving Kelly. She proved herself to be unoriginal and deficient, almost an automaton following recommendations blindly while hurting Kansas economically over tiny numbers of people infected with the virus. Now, quite illogically she will reopen the state with much higher numbers than when she declared a Shut down. It's a fact that Shut downs cannot be sustained, that they caused far more economic damage than helped "stop" the virus, which it never could. One term wonder.