Friday, May 29, 2020

Kansas City Gourmet To Do-Gooder COVID-19 Switcheroo: The Rieger REBRAND As Crossroads Community Kitchen

High praise and lovingly crafted feature for this savvy pandemic biz move from one of the high-end foodie advertisers . . . But I'm sure that's totally unrelated:

When COVID-19 Hit, This Popular Kansas City Restaurant Transformed Into a Community Kitchen For Those in Need

Before Mon., March 16, The Rieger was consistently crowded. Kansas City diners flocked to the Crossroads Arts District to try the restaurant's high-end dishes and hand-crafted cocktails, returning again and again confident that they would receive the same outstanding service. Today, its tradition of hospitality takes on new meaning.

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Anonymous said...

I certainly wouldn't let some women with an entire tattooed arm fix my food! That's just nasty.