Monday, May 25, 2020

Here's How Kansas City Goes Back To Work

Quick guide to more safety restrictions and how employees will confront "the new normal" at the job . . . i.e. masks and temperature checks await those going back to the workplace.

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How to seamlessly transition from working at home back to the office, according to local experts

With the city's post-coronavirus pandemic reopening plan in progress, many are starting to break out of their at-home work routines and get ready to return to the office. Transitioning from remote work life back to an office can be tough (take it from someone who's done it).


Anonymous said...

80% of employees, work from home went better than expected and my friends are now wondering why they need an office building and the associated expenses.

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Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^Many companies will continue to allow working at home. It's been well proven for the most part to really work out and employees love it. Less rush hour traffic is another plus. Then when you're sick you can keep your infected ass at home instead of going to the office and spreading your shit around. You can cuss and even sit around in your underwear and not have any sexual harassment charges filed against you.

Anonymous said...

The new reality is that more people will work from home, meetings will be done by Zoom so business travel will decrease, doctor visits will be done virtually, take out and food delivery will be the norm and online shopping will be were you get your items.